Bianco Merino Quartz

Bianco Merino Quartz

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Nature: Engineered Stone

Colour: White

Pattern: Black & Grey veins


Highly durable

Highly slip resistant

Low heat resistivity

Sealing- not required

Low maintenance category

Suitable for: Indoor  use (best for kitchen, bathroom and high traffic zones)

Bianco Merino Quartz being an engineered stone, is manufactured to be highly durable and sturdy. They make ideal solutions for use in busy places like kitchens.  Suitable applications include kitchen countertops, kitchen islands, worktops, splashbacks, window sills, worktop upstands, bathroom vanities, shower walls, shower tubs, bathroom floors, stone kitchen flooring for commercial places etc. However this quartz worktop is not suitable for outdoor worktops or any kind of exterior projects.

Even though worktop sizes are different from individual to individual, it generally requires to buy an entire slab for worktop installation. Not all of the slab will be utilised and some portions will definitely be left out. Instead of discarding the left out slabs after the completion of bigger projects like bathroom and kitchen renovations, you can try utilising the worktop offcuts for productive purposes. If you do not feel like you're in an artistic mood, you can even try selling the remnants or donate them. If you are a trade member from a stone or kitchen industry, you can sell them by listing on our  Remnants page. We do not charge any money for displaying the remnants. What one person considers worthless may be of great value for another. We can all contribute towards a healthier environment in ways we can, with these little efforts.

Bianco Merino Quartz

Creative Ways to Utilise Quartz Remnants

Charcuterie board, cocktail tables, stacked stone indoor fountains, stools, tea coasters, beermats, etc. 

What is a better worktop width; 30mm or 20mm quartz worktop?

Sink and hob support: 30mm quartz worktops give superior sink and hob support than 20mm worktops. Because 30mm quartz worktops are more robust, tougher, and stronger than 20mm worktops, they can easily handle any size kitchen hob or sink. 

Few Design Ideas

Bianco Merino Quartz can be paired up with a wide range of colour combinations to create a different aesthetic everytime. 

  • Nicely Neutral

White being a compatible option for almost everything, you can pair your white kitchen worktop with other neutrals like black, grey, beige or even whites again. Pairing with lighter neutrals is especially beneficial if you have a smaller room and are looking for creative ways to make your kitchen look spacious. The light is also reflected well, thus making your space look bright and beautiful.

Bianco Merino Quartz

  • Blue Bliss

Navy blue or any subdued hues like dusty violet with a mauve undertone are quite on-trend for kitchen cabinets and look great with white polished countertops. You can also try combining different colours of blue. Lighter tint on major features such as cabinets, walls and backsplash. Then add deeper blues with rugs, chairs, dishware, or window treatments. To avoid clashing, make sure the blues have comparable undertones. White with Blue will not only make your space timeless but also add a calming and cooling effect to your kitchen.

 Bianco Merino Quartz Countertop

  • Red Courage

Consider using red for the base cabinet when you use white worktops, especially if you are buying white ones like Bianco Merino Quartz for a kitchen island. Red being an incredibly flexible colour will not only complement your kitchen worktop but also make it pop out and attention grabbing.  Choose that red colour which complements the decor of your kitchen. Go for an orangy red for a trendy look. If you want a vintage touch, use a deeper wine shade. To tone down the power of red, you might use deep black for all the other accents, breakfast bar stools, doors and floors. You can plan out your budget quartz worktop price calculator uk

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