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Remnant service in simple terms

Remnant service  in the stone industry refer to odd pieces of stones or smaller fractions left out from the gigantic slabs, which can be utilised for relatively smaller projects. They do not have a standard dimension and can be available in any size, depending on the situation it is created by.

Remnant service are recognised by several other names like halfcuts, offcuts, part slabs, remainder stones, etc.


Why did we start Remnant Service?

Besides kitchen renovations that include worktops and sink installation, there are plenty of situations where a comparatively smaller portion of stone can easily be used in place of a new, full stone slab to complete the tasks. However, if homeowners do not have the right person to go to for half-cut stones, they will be compelled to expend a huge sum of money for a new stone slab. So to make home renovations budget-friendly and feasible for all homeowners and to help sellers create value for otherwise ignored material, Work-tops started this Remnant programme.  

Our Remnant service  is a community programme for traders of the stone and kitchen industry. We do not charge them any fee for listing and displaying their offcuts on our website. In fact, we even carry out promotional activities for their remnants.

Besides this, by utilisation of half cuts we want to contribute towards environmental sustainability make sure that waste production and from the stone industry is reduced.

 How are Remnants created, and where can you use them?

In some cases, portions of slabs usually remain after the completion of bigger stone projects, and in other cases, smaller fractions are created by mishandling bigger ones. All these stone pieces, though smaller in size, still have the value in them to be utilised for numerous situations. Rather than piling them up in the warehouses, the stone suppliers, as well as stonemasons in possession of those, can supply to the right buyer in need of them. 

DIY remnant

A wide range of situations where the half cuts or remnants can be utilised are making statement cabinets, tabletops, charcuterie boards, decorative tables, desktops, coffee tables, DIY walls, window sills, and bathroom vanities, fire hearths and surrounds, shower ledges, and various other personalised items.

 Do we charge any fees?

To the sellers:

As mentioned previously, this Remnant service programme is aFree of Costservice for traders of Stone and Kitchen Industry. So, for displaying and selling the stones we do not charge a single penny, except if the payment is made through our gateway, bank transaction fee is levied. 

To the buyers:

 For the stone remnant that are already listed by our registered trade members on our Remnant Page, no service money will be levied from the buyer. They can directly contact the seller with respective details displayed and pay them for the remnant service of their choice.

For situations when buyers reach out to us looking for those half cuts that are not displayed on our readily available remnants page, they can place an order through our Stone Finding Service by paying an advance amount of £50 which is our “Stone Finding Fee”.

 Why do we charge?

Unlike new slabs, halfcuts are not in the readily available section and are not easy to locate. They are usually present in the ignored location of the warehouses, stacked by numerous piles of slabs above them. The sellers invest all of their time and manual labour in a quest to confirm the halfcut of your choice. We here at work-tops also invest our time into contacting all the sellers within a 50 miles radius of your location to procure the stone for you. It must be understood that it takes some days to confirm the material. After all the dedication, some customers turn up to us saying they do not require it anymore, or that they do not revert back to our emails. So, to compensate for the basics, we charge this minimum amount as a part of our "Stone Finding Fee". £50 from the customer's bank will be withheld for 14 days. In case, we fail to procure within a span of 2 weeks, the money will be returned back to the customer. Upon finding the material, the amount of the remnant levied by the seller will be adjusted within the £50 deposited or with an additional amount if price exceeds.  

 However, in cases where the customers do not return back to us after procuring the material, the £50 amount paid as a deposit will be charged. 

Credentials submitted by the customer for procuring the material will be used following the GDPR policy. Below mentioned credentials are necessary for successful procurement:


Customer’s Name

Full Contact Details (with email)

Full address

Material Name/Image/Alternate Choices





No. of slabs

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