Black Beauty Granite

Black Beauty Granite

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Stone Name: Black Beauty Granite

Core material: Granite

Nature: Natural Stone

Base Colour: Black

Pattern: Foam-like white streaks

Hardness: 6 on the Mohs scale 

Uses: Indoor and outdoor 


This Indian granite features a black base surfaced with white spume like streaks imitating the motion of an agitated ocean. Readily available in 20mm and 30mm thicknesses, this gorgeous black granite is one of the popular natural stones preferred by homeowners for their kitchen and bathroom renovations. 

Suitable Applications: Black Beauty Granite can be used for both indoor and outdoor projects, either residential or commercial. A few to name are kitchen worktops, bathroom worktops, vanity tops, backsplashes, kitchen islands, fire hearths, wall cladding, flooring tiles, stairs, etc. It is also suitable for fabulous outdoor kitchens, bridges, gravestones, and various other constructional works. With their serene aesthetics and excellent technical features, granite facades serve an integral role in the external architecture of houses and commercial buildings.

Black Beauty Granite

Desirable qualities

Visually Appealing:

Black Beauty Granite has a luxurious feel to it. It can give any room or space it is incorporated into, a high-end look. You might be interested in checking out our black worktop collection if you are looking for anything dark to add personality to your space. 

Scratch Resistant:

Granite is one of the hardest worktop materials. Since it is resilient to scratches, it makes an ideal surface for everyday use. The kitchen being one of the busiest places in a house that involves regular use of cutlery and heavy appliances, it is safe to say that granite worktops are worth investing in.

Black Beauty Granite

Heat Resistant:

In general, granite worktops can easily withstand heat up to 480°F and possibly up to 1,200°F. However, direct contact for prolonged periods is discouraged as it could discolour the worktop surface. It is therefore recommended to use trivets or heat coasters to ensure the longevity of Black Beauty Granite. 


Apparently, granite worktops can last for up to 3 decades or more, with proper maintenance. To be honest, it may even last longer than one's home. Granite worktops are sturdy and long-lasting as long as they are sealed annually. So, the formation of fissures and cracks is the last thing to expect on the surface of their kitchen or bathroom worktops. However, it is common knowledge that poor mishandling can cause damage. 

Low Maintenance:

Besides the need for annual sealing, granite worktops and surfaces are fairly easy to maintain. They fall under the lower maintenance category of stone worktops. They just require a basic daily cleaning which is as simple as that required for quartz worktops. One can use a soft cloth soaked in a pH neutral cleaner or warm soapy water to wipe out the dirt and dust. This is to be followed by dry wiping to prevent watermark formation. 

Work-tops offers its customers a wide range of stones to pick from. If you are on a tight budget, no worries, there are cheap worktops too that do not compromise on quality and beauty. Our Worktop Cost Calculator can be helpful for you to roughly calculate your budget before making plans. Otherwise, you can always feel free to leave your enquiry at, our experts will get back to you within no time.

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