Bianco Kinawa Granite; Greyish Shade to Enlight Your Place

Bianco Kinawa Granite; Greyish Shade to Enlight Your Place

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Bianco Kinawa Granite, which comes from Brazil, has a durable surface covered in exquisite waves and gradients. A sea wave-like pattern is created in the Bianco Kinawa granite by a background colour of grey that is combined with white and light grey patches. A 100%percent natural material, Kinawa Bianco is naturally beautiful due to the slow crystallisation that occurred over millions of years in the ground. Kinawa Bianco needs to be sealed every 6 to 12 months because it is a porous material. It can be used for a wide range of applications like kitchen worktops, bathroom countertops, vanity sinks, windowsills, upstands, splashbacks, floors, walls, fire hearths, outdoor spaces, etc.

Kinawa Granite Natural Stone for Office and Commerical Use:

Kinawa Granite Natural Stone for Office and Commerical Use

Desktops or Desks for Offices

A granite desk or desktop gives the space a sophisticated feel. Granite is a fantastic desk material since it is strong and difficult to harm. Compared to a traditional wood desk, this one is considerably better and more durable. If you choose granite, you might want to think about using placemats for your keyboard, notepads, and coffee mugs to avoid imperfections.

Windowsills in Offices

Window sills made of granite can enhance the window's appearance and compliment your office as a whole. It is advised that you coordinate the windows with the walls, which are frequently neutral hues like beige and different shades of white. These tones are supposed to put your clients at ease.

Coffee Table for Offices

If there is room in your office, you might want to think about putting a coffee table in the lobby or sitting area. Consider coordinating your workplace furniture or using complimentary colours for this piece.

Coffee table for offices


Although it may not be the best option for every office, natural stone flooring gives the space a posh appearance. Natural stone can scrape and stain, but this can be avoided by applying a sealer. Regular upkeep and cleaning are also necessary.

Tabletop or Conference Room Table

Consider coordinating your workplace furniture or choosing complementing hues, much like coffee tables. Additionally, like we discussed in the windowsills section, think about selecting Grey or different shades of grey to put your clients at ease during meetings.

Usage of Bianco Granite Leftovers for Your Kitchen:

Usage of Bianco Granite leftovers for your kitchen

Make a Cutting Board from Granite

It should come as no surprise that granite makes an excellent material for cutting boards. And if there are still enough slabs, why not cut one of them into another surface to match your current countertops?

Compared to a typical wooden cutting board, your granite cutting board will be heavier. But unlike with a wooden surface, you won't need to worry about applying specialised oils to it. Additionally, the cutting board can be finished by adding a rotating bottom to it.

Create a Tabletop

A substantial granite slab left over from the job might be combined with an appropriate base to create a beautiful, robust tabletop. Here, the possibilities are essentially endless. For instance, you might mount it on top of iron legs and a base to use it as an indoor table, or you could even place it on a stump to build a temporary patio table.

Create a Tray

Depending on your inclination, relatively modest scraps of granite work well for both serving and decorative trays. Your kitchen and dining area can look even more elegant with a granite serving tray on the counter. As an alternative, you might use your granite to create a stylish tray for your living area.

Make Coasters

Consider making drink coasters out of any little granite pieces that are left over. If you don't want to, you don't have to make them completely square; in fact, the attractiveness may lie in the slightly asymmetrical shapes. Those granite fragments can be shaped into circles, triangles, or any other shape you like.

What if You Have a Granite Vanity Top for Your Bathroom?

What if you have a Granite Vanitytop for your bathroom

Resistant to Stains

If granite is properly sealed annually, it is stain-resistant. This is particularly crucial in bathrooms, where items like toothpaste, nail polish, and makeup can leak and damage countertops made of real stone. Granite is porous, but if it is sealed annually and no liquids are permitted to stand on it, it won't get stained. To prevent your bathroom surfaces from becoming stained or discoloured, store fragrances, cosmetics, and other bathroom necessities on beautiful trays.

Highly Resistant to Heat

It is nevertheless required for a bathroom counter to be able to withstand high heat from styling tools, curling irons, as well as other styling appliances, even if heat resistance is more important for kitchen countertops. Granite countertops are resistant to heat damage up to 480°F.

Different Design and Colour Options

Natural stone worktops are a fashionable remodel option year after year because they offer style, luxury, and functionality to any bathroom. Granite countertops are a great option for many different bathroom types because of their wide range of colours and patterns.

What Colour Cabinets Goes with Your Grey Granite?

What Colour Cabinets Goes with your Grey Granite


Although it is frequently a top pick, white is perhaps the least daring colour for cabinets. It gives off an air of cleanliness and works well in kitchens with a modern or country aesthetic.


An scary colour to paint on anything is black. Black may, after all, be heavy and make a space appear smaller than it actually is. But when done right, it can produce a gorgeous, contemporary, and opulent image.

Grayer Shades

Even while we chose to show you deeper grey with light grey countertops, the opposite would also look well because shades of grey go well together.

Blue Navy

Consider blue if you're looking for a less conventional colour or something more modern. Since both blue and grey are cool hues, they go well together, and navy blue adds a touch of refinement.

Similar Grey Choices for Your Kitchen:

Bianco Kinawa granite Similar Grey Choices for your kitchen

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