Black Silk Granite; Best Affordable & Fastest Moving Stock

Black Silk Granite; Best Affordable & Fastest Moving Stock

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Black Silk Granite has a surface with a backdrop of that colour. Numerous short, thin, white linear lines on the black granite surface resembling scratches can be seen. Overall, the granite slab appears shiny due to the white markings on the black surface. Due to its excellent qualities, including its high resale value, moderate fire and water resistance, ease of maintenance, capacity to conceal stains, suitability for high foot traffic areas, and ability to be used both indoors and outdoors, this granite slab is a popular choice among interior designers and architects.




Black Silk granite has a black coloured surface background. The granite surface displays multiple thin and short white linear marks on black that look like scratches. Overall, the white marks on black give the granite slab a shiny effect.This granite… read more


What are Black Granite Countertops - Advantages

What Are Black Granite Countertops- Advantages


They are versatile and can be combined with any light or pastel colour (such as wall paint, flooring, or cabinets) to create a lovely contrast or fashionable visual depth.

Durable and Strong

They are resilient to heat, non-porous, scratch-resistant, and sustainably hard and dense.

Accentuates Other Colours in the Kitchen

They make the other colours used in the design of the kitchen stand out more.

Simple to Clean

Light stains and dust dots are easily removed with tepid water and a soft cloth.

Simple to Polish

By routinely applying granite polishing cream or polishing powder, you may adequately seal the stone to preserve its natural shine for longer than 10 years.

Black Silk Granite Design Ideas:

Black Silk Granite Design Ideas

Finest Multi-Utility Vehicle

Always beautiful is black. Your kitchen would look more elegant with a platform made of black granite. A small platform by the side can be the perfect spot for your work/study table. While drinking your coffee in the kitchen, you can work on your laptop.

A Kitchen Platform Positioned in the Middle is a Creative Concept

While most people place their kitchen countertops in the kitchen's corner, putting one in the middle is very creative. With all-white tiled surfaces, it looks perfect. Your kitchen gains a strong contrast and a traditional appearance as a result.

Think Cleverly and Use a Central Platform that Serves as a Dinner Table

The centrally located kitchen platform's dual function as a dining table is an intriguing variation. Additionally, you can place a little sink at the sides so that you may wash your hands after eating. Large kitchens with plenty of space should be the perfect application for this creative design.

Minimal Kitchen

Even without borders, an all-black kitchen countertop is chic, elegant, and stylish and will make your kitchen pop. A black cooking range will look fantastic with this style and enhance the appeal of your home.

Design Your Office Bathrooms with these Black Granite:

Design your office bathrooms with these Black Granite

Workplace Bathrooms

Designing commercial restrooms can take time and effort. In an area of the office that is frequently overlooked but is used daily, black granite provides professional design and sophistication in aesthetics.

Black granite can be successfully incorporated since it is notably heat, water, and humidity resistant. It's vital to remember that many public restrooms lack windows or, if they do, have opaque windows that exclude sunlight. When planning the bathroom, consider how much natural light enters and how powerful the electrical lighting is.

Maintenance of Black Slabs:

Maintenance of Black slabs

Black countertops give a space a sense of refinement in addition to being fashionable. They are a standard option for many homes because they are also simple to maintain and clean.

Black is seen as being refined and elegant. It is a colour linked to elegance, riches, and luxury. This makes it the ideal hue for any interior design or home décor project you could be working on.

Pick Up Similar Kinds of Black Worktops:

Pick up similar kinds of Black worktops

In this wide range of Black worktops, you can pick up your favourite slabs for your home.




Negresco Granite; A beautiful black natural stone, sourced in Brazil, is particularly appropriate for uses such as worktops, floors, external and interior walls, backsplash, sculptures, and fireplaces. The Negresco Granite worktop is a timeless stone. This gorgeous black granite is… read more





The Via Lactea Granite is a grey-black granite with chalky white veins. Natural stone is ideal for creative homeowners who want to add a stylish touch to their kitchen. It can also be used in a variety of other areas… read more





Specifications Stone Name: Black Beauty Granite Core material: Granite Nature: Natural Stone Base Colour: Black Pattern: Foam-like white streaks Hardness: 6 on the Mohs scale Uses: Indoor and outdoor Description This Indian granite features a black base surfaced with white… read more

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