Calacatta Supreme Bookmatch Ceramic; Residential Interior

Calacatta Supreme Bookmatch Ceramic; Residential Interior

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Calacatta Supreme Bookmatch Ceramic has dappled white and cream colours. With soft grey and light grey veins, this crystalline glassy ceramic stone has thin ivory-gold stripes. Royal aesthetics and grandiose styles go well with it. Ceramic stone is durable, scratch-free, impact-resistant, and cost-effective, making it ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, and decors. A mixture of clay, earthen materials, powders, and water is usually used to shape these white cream ceramics. These book-matching features are perfect for kitchen islands, waterfall islands, focal walls, feature walls, frames, ambiance boards, and bed frames, among many other distinctive home locations. One side of this has a peculiar feature: it matches the other half on the other side. In 12MM thicknesses, the factory-made stone is available.

Check Out the Origin of these Ceramic Bookmatch Surface:

Check out the origin of these Ceramic Bookmatch Surface

The Antolini Tech Calacatta Supreme Bookmatch Ceramic is a type of porcelain tile designed to mimic the look of natural Calacatta marble. It is made by Antolini Luigi, an Italian company specializing in producing and distributing natural stone and porcelain tiles.

The exact origin of the ceramic material used in Antolini Tech Calacatta Supreme Bookmatch Ceramic production is not readily available. However, it is likely that the raw materials used to make the ceramic come from various sources worldwide and are then processed and manufactured in Italy by Antolini.

Try to Bring the Best Welcoming Reception Desk with these Ceramic Stone:

Try to bring the best Welcoming Reception Desk with these Ceramic Stone

Antolini Tech Calacatta Supreme Bookmatch Ceramic is a luxurious, high-end ceramic material that perfectly fits a reception desk. This ceramic material is designed to replicate the look of natural Calacatta Marble, giving it a stunning appearance that can make a lasting impression on visitors. The bookmatch design of the ceramic creates a symmetrical, elegant, and sophisticated pattern. It is perfect for high-traffic areas like a reception desk because it is durable and easy to maintain. The Ceramic is resistant to scratches, stains, and heat, making it ideal for daily use.

Furthermore, the Antolini Tech Calacatta Supreme Bookmatch Ceramic is available in large slab sizes, allowing seamless Installation on a reception desk. This creates a clean and cohesive look that will impress anyone who enters your office. In summary, Antolini Tech Calacatta Supreme Bookmatch Ceramic is an excellent choice for a reception desk due to its luxurious appearance, durability, and low maintenance. It is a high-end material that will elevate the overall aesthetic of your office space.

Major Fashion and Trendy Applications of Ceramic Bookmatch Stone:

Major Fashion and Trendy Applications of Ceramic Bookmatch Stone

The Ceramic Bookmatch Stone application uses ceramic tiles to create a bookmatch pattern on a surface, typically on walls or floors. Bookmatching involves placing two tiles cut from the same stone slab, resulting in a mirrored or symmetrical pattern. In ceramic bookmatching, the tiles are designed and manufactured to mimic the natural beauty of bookmatched stone but with the durability and affordability of ceramic materials. The tiles are typically installed in a staggered pattern to create the illusion of a larger, continuous stone slab. The ceramic bookmatch stone application is popular with interior designers and architects who want to create a high-end, luxurious look in their projects without breaking the bank. The versatility of ceramic tiles also allows for a wide range of colours, patterns, and textures to be incorporated into the design, making it a highly customizable option for any space.

Create a Relaxing Shower Room with Ceramic Bookmatch Stone:

Choose the Right Colours

Create a relaxing shower room with ceramic bookmatch stone:  Choose the right Colours

Ceramic bookmatch stone is available in various colours and patterns, so choosing the right one for your shower room is important. Consider using calming, natural tones like beige, cream, and white to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Incorporate Natural Materials

To enhance the calming effect of your shower room, consider incorporating natural materials like wood, stone, and plants. For example, you could install a wooden bench or shelf, place potted plants on the windowsill, or add a river rock floor.

Install a Rainfall Showerhead

A showerhead can create a soothing, spa-like experience in your shower room. Choose one with a wide head and low water pressure to create a gentle, relaxing flow.

Add Mood Lighting

Soft, warm lighting can create a calming atmosphere in your shower room. Consider installing dimmer switches or lighting candles or lanterns to create a relaxing environment.

Use Bookmatch Stone to Create a Statement Wall

Bookmatch stone is a stunning material that can create a beautiful focal point in your shower room. Install it on one wall to create a dramatic backdrop for your shower, or use it to frame a mirror or window.

View Our Ceramic Slabs that are Cozy Enough to Match Your Place:

View our Ceramic Slabs that are Cozy enough to match your Place

Try out these ceramic slabs for your kitchen

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Bookmatch Tiles: What are They?

Two marble slabs laid face to face create book-match tiles that resemble open books.

  • How Does Bookmatch Work?

Bookmatching is aligning two or more stone slabs so that their linked surfaces are mirror images of one another.

  • Is ceramic appropriate for a home?

    Ceramic tiles for floors do not draw dust and dust mites like carpets do. Because there is less dust in homes with ceramic tiles and fewer household allergens, the air is significantly better. 

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