Colonial White Sensa - Spruce Up the Interior of Your Home

Colonial White Sensa - Spruce Up the Interior of Your Home

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Colonial White Sensa, known as granite slab, is predominantly found in the northern part of India. It has a white background with a few little flecks of black and reddish tones sprinkled around. It could be exquisitely blended into kitchen and bathroom interiors to lend them an elegant touch. It works well merged with the colours white and grey, exactly as the names imply, and gives a fantastic, dazzling appearance and highlights the living area. Its peculiar qualities make it very distinctive. It is the finest option to choose if you'd like to inject new life into your home's interior.




Colonial White Sensa is a granite slab that features a combination of cottony-pale grey, hazy silver, and reddish speckles. The sensa surface will undoubtedly lend a characteristic modern touch to almost any kitchen or bathroom area. This excellent granite has… read more


Peculiarities of Colonial White Sensa

Peculiarities of Colonial White Sensa

Colonial white Sensa is available in 20 mm and 30 mm thicknesses and has a delicate, creamy tint that is unique among whites and gives it a more luxurious appearance. It is polished and coated with a brilliant colour. It can be applied in a bunch of places, like kitchen countertops, kitchen flooring, kitchen claddings, sinks, and bathroom remodeling; bathroom countertops, bathroom flooring, bathroom claddings, washbasins, and shower trays; and even furniture floors.

Would It be a Perfect Material for a Kitchen Countertop?

Perfect Material of Kitchen Countertop

Have you ever dreamed of your dream kitchen with colonial white sensa? It will work miracles with the kitchen worktop, and your kitchen will look classy due to its spectacular sparkling appearance that requires little maintenance, is incredibly durable, and is approved to be utilized with food. This is a product that can be utilized instantly in your kitchen. For the magnificent finishing kitchens, we created our Customers' Kitchen applying the colonial white sensa style all at once.

The sleek and understated Colonial White Sensa surface will surely add a peculiarly chic touch to virtually any kitchen or bathroom space. It is an elegant and versatile material.

The Colonial White Sensa gives you the highest level of hygiene, durability, and beauty because it is heat and scratch resistant and doesn't foster the proliferation of germs.

What Makes this White Sensa the Best Option?

Colonial sensa Worktops

A well-known natural stone known as Colonial White Sensa is mostly renowned for its special advantages.


Colonial white sensa retains its toughness and lives to the fullest extent possible; it is not susceptible to being scratched easily.

Maintenance is Simple

It is quite simple to clean and requires little care. It doesn't stain as easily after being sealed.

Heat Resilience

It is well known for its unique property of being heat resistant; it performs well enough with heat that there is no need to worry about hot sauce pans and skillets while cooking.

Natural and Distinctive

It isn't in any way fused with any chemical reagents or engineering products. It arises directly from nature. Consequently, it is natural and special.


Colonial White Sensa, which is versatile and long-lasting. Complemented beautifully with both domestic and commercial materials.

Can Colonial White Sensa be the Finest Replacement for Bathroom Interiors?

Are you concerned about remodeling the interior of your bathroom? No, it is not necessary to be puzzled; colonial white sensa stone, which is fabulously paired with both white and grey shades and faintly speckled with a reddish tone, is the excellent solution for your stylish interior bathroom. The smooth sense is provided by its cotton-pale grey and foggy look, and its glossy finish touches the depths of your spirit.

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Frequently Asked Q&A

  • Is Colonial White Sensa Stain-Resistant?

Due to the white sensa’s vulnerability to stains, any acidic fluid spillage should indeed be wiped up as soon as possible. Colonial white is less prone to staining than many other white sensa, however, because of the peculiar mineral makeup of the material.

  • What Colours are Featured in Colonial White Sensa?

Colonial White Sensa is a mix of spongy grey, foggy silver, and jet black tiny flecks.

  • How would Colonial Whites have Seemed?

Colonial White Sensa is a mixture of pastel grey and steely clouds, with black speckles and rich rosy mineral wealth as highlights. When combined with white cabinetry, Colonial White Sensa creates an extremely appealing appearance.

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