Does Rainbow Onyx Really Live Up to the Hype?

Does Rainbow Onyx Really Live Up to the Hype?

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Rainbow Onyx is a multi-coloured stone from Iran. This natural stone material has a stunning, bold veining pattern combined with pink, brown, and white colours throughout the surface to produce a rainbow effect. This stone comes in a polished finish type.

Available in lengths of 2540 and 2700mm, widths of 1550 and 1740mm, and thicknesses of 20mm for both.

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Rainbow Onyx is an Iranian multicoloured stone. This substance has outstanding and dramatic bold veinings that are mixed with pink, brown and white colours throughout the surface to create a rainbow effect. It is an excellent choice for backlit wall… read more


Where Can We Use Rainbow Onyx Stone?

Where Can We Use Rainbow Onyx Stone

Rainbow Onyx Stone can completely transform the appearance of your room, from gorgeous wall panels to light-reflective countertops and flooring. Because of its colour, composition, and history, this stone is scarce and valuable. A stunning and distinctive stone that has many uses in your house is Rainbow Onyx. Here are some examples of places where this Onyx can be used to highlight luxury and fashion:

  • Rainbow Onyx is perfect for a backsplash & vanity in your kitchen or bathroom because it is water-resistant and straightforward to clean.

  • This Onyx stone is a great focal point for accent walls and Mall Wall Decor can add depth and intrigue to any space.

  • A touch of luxury can be added to any piece of furniture by using Rainbow Onyx as an inlay substance.

  • It is suitable for high-traffic places like floors and countertops because it is strong and heat resistant.

Superlative Kitchen Backsplash for Your Cooking Space:

Superlative Kitchen Backsplash for Your Cooking Space

Who doesn't adore the thought of this chic stone adorning their stylish Kitchen Backsplash? The cooking area can be messy and tough to maintain, but with this onyx stone, you can expect a long-lasting kitchen that has appeared new for decades because of its durability. The Rainbow Onyx backsplash concept fits well with any style and colour pattern, making it simple to realise your design goals. This Onyx will be an excellent material for your backsplash ideas if you value beauty. The popularity of this stone has increased over time, mainly due to its attractive translucent characteristics, which enhance its attractiveness when exposed to light.

Can Rainbow Onyx Decorous Well in Bathroom Sink & Vanity?

Can Rainbow Onyx Decorous Well in Bathroom Sink & Vanity

  • A sink that rests on the onyx countertop like a basin on a table is called a vessel sink.

  • Drop-In Sink style is held in position by an outer rim that rests on top of this onyx counter.

  • Sink that is mounted beneath the table. An exact hole must be cut in the onyx countertop to make room for this sink.

  • Onyx Wall-Mounted Sink that can be mounted immediately on a wall and doesn't require a vanity. For small bathrooms, it will be fantastic.

  • Another option for a small bathroom would be a column-supported freestanding rainbow onyx small sink & Small Vanity.

Waterfall Edge Onyx Island for Modern Kitchen:

Waterfall Edge Onyx Island for Modern Kitchen

Countertops and waterfall designs made of base cabinets or an island made of Rainbow Onyx Stone would revolutionise kitchen worktop décor. A gorgeous countertop edge is a waterfall edge. It can serve as the focal point of any trendy or modern kitchen. When we turn on the light, the illumination led panel behind the Rainbow onyx provides a more dramatic look. Currently, Onyx stone translucency and backlit panels are hugely popular. They create a stunning environment with a very distinctive appearance. To acquire more design ideas, Click Here!

Take a Glance at Rainbow Onyx Comparative Natural Stone Collections:

Take a Glance at Rainbow Onyx Comparative Natural Stone Collections

Onyx appears in a wide range of hues and dimensions. Numerous uses for these stones exist, including wall covering. They can change and improve your property's general appearance! Their ability to reflect light makes them excellent choices for wall panels, Breakfast bars, Mall Accent walls, flooring, and countertops, immediately adding a touch of elegance to your home. One of the most well-liked and fashionable applications for Onyx is tabletops! Various Onyx texture and pattern choices are available to match the other elements of your home's decor. Below are some of the resembling onyx stones:




Yellow Onyx Stone is a unique and exotic stone that creates a stunning visual impression. When used in flooring and other interior design projects, it gives a royal and stunning appearance. Onyx has numerous applications. Yellow Onyx has its separate… read more





Iris Onyx has a clean white base which features fascinating designs made by golden veins. This stone is given a dazzling finish that makes a perfect addition in both residential and commercial settings. This dream-come-true slab makes a timeless statement… read more





Tiger Bookmatch Onyx vein cut slab gives you a fascinating look to your kitchen with its crema nd orange veins that runs throughout the slab. This is the perfect surface for any kitchen interior decor that gives you a lavish… read more

Install Your Rainbow Onyx for the Bathroom Vanity, Kitchen Table Top, or Mall Focal walls:

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do Worktops Made of Rainbow Onyx Work Well in Bathrooms?

Rainbow Onyx bathroom worktops can benefit from it for walling or vanity countertops. Onyx is a unique addition to the home because of its beautiful veining and swirling patterns.

  • Is Rainbow Onyx Readily Stained?

Liquids and water readily stain Rainbow Onyx because of its high absorption capacity.

  • Is Rainbow Onyx Stone Transparent to Light?

Light can backlight or shine through this natural stone due to its usually translucent nature. Onyx occasionally only has specific areas that are transparent, allowing light to pass through. This is why this natural stone is so well-liked in the interior fashion World.

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