Galaxy Black Granite; Best Natural Stone Alternative!!

Galaxy Black Granite; Best Natural Stone Alternative!!

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Galaxy Black Granite is a dark stone with scattered golden specks and streaks. The stone is a distinct type of granite known as a star galaxy owing to its unusual texture and look. Like other granite stones, it can be utilised in various applications such as kitchen counters, bathroom vanities, and backsplashes.

Because of its exquisite appearance and fine polish, Galaxy Black Granite is a popular granite product. The dark colour adds to the splendour of your home. It is a fashionable granite that may be found in bathrooms, kitchens, and worktops. The Galaxy Black Granite stone offers a distinctive charm to your home.




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Galaxy Black Granite is a dark stone with scattered golden specks and streaks. The stone is a distinct type of granite known as a star galaxy owing to its unusual texture and look. Like other granite stones, it can be… read more


Detailed Guide to Black Galaxy Granite

Guide to Black galaxy granite

The aesthetics provided by the installation of black galaxy granite in your home construction are stunning. The appearance of varied flecks and swirls on the surface, along with the kitchen and bathroom items, creates a sumptuous and one-of-a-kind aesthetic statement.

Suppose you want to give your home a distinctive appearance. In that case, black galaxy granite is the perfect choice because it complements the style of the house and includes basins, floors, cabinets, and even outside areas such as the poolside and garage.

However, be aware that granite stone requires maintenance, the most important of which is regular washing.

Advice for Maintaining the Black Stone and Extending its Life

  • Spills over black galaxy stone must be wiped directly due to its deep dark appearance to avoid deterioration.

  • It is strictly forbidden to utilise acidic drinks near black granite since any accidental spill will result in a significant financial loss. Acids can harm the stone and discolour the overall appearance.

  • To keep the brilliance and gloss of the stone, polish the surface only with the recommended polishing material. You must avoid using any unsuitable product because it may harm the stone.

Black Granite - The Best Durability Statement:

Black Granite

Black Galaxy granite is a durable stone that does not require extensive upkeep. However, scratching is risky when utilised in high-traffic locations. Scuffs and scratches caused by dust, grit, and debris may be visible on the dark brown surface.

While granite is highly durable and rugged, attention must still be taken, particularly all around edges and corners. A reasonably fragile substance can crack or break when struck abruptly with a hard instrument.

Usage - Black Galaxy Stone

Black galaxy Stone

The vast majority of Black Galaxy Granite is turned into calibrating tiles, paving, or construction projects and is utilised for various purposes, most notably kitchen countertops  and bathroom vanity tops. A polished surface is the most typical surface treatment for bringing out the best colours in the granite. The smooth surface contrasts all accessories, including wall/backsplash, flooring, taps, sinks, or cabinet door handles. Black Galaxy Granite can be flamed, honed, leathered, river-washed, and brushed.

Install Some of These Black Stones for Your kitchen:

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Black Stones For Your Kitchen




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