Kelya Natural Dekton: Infuse Cleverness at Your Living Area

Kelya Natural Dekton: Infuse Cleverness at Your Living Area

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Kelya Natural Dekton is a manmade stone that blends with a dark greenish colour that accentuates the black surface, has strong white veins flowing through the surface, and features a marbling effect that gives a gorgeous impression. It has become a newly evolving and quite useful material, with all its technological nature, that beats the efficiency of natural stones due to its massive resistance to heat, freezing, scratching, and stains. Dekton stones are fabricated stones composed of a variety of raw resources, including glass, porcelain, and natural quartz. It is suitable to utilize Kelya Natural Dekton in both interior and outdoor household projects for indoors like flooring, countertops, and wall covering, and due to its UV resistance applicable outdoors as well. It comes with the following measurements: length, width, and thickness of 3200mm x 1440mm x 4mm, which results in a smooth matt finish. The biggest contribution to your house with Kelya Natural Dekton Stone is a highly worthwhile investment.

Dark Green Dekton Yields a Fascinating Vibe in Your Theatre Room!

Dark Green Dekton yields a fascinating vibe in your theatre room

The home cinema, which is also famed as a movie room or home theatre, is pretty much exclusively used for amusement in the residence and with our treasured family and friends. It draws the visual theatre's effects and feels to your living area & retains the vibes as active as by emulating the theatre. Will Kelya Natural Dekton enliven the room? Undoubtedly, Kelya Natural Dekton is an excellent product for the space and will do a terrific job of evoking this significant level of a theatre feel with its dark, glossy elegance. The greatest and wisest choice for your theatre room's flooring and wall coverings. Due to its dark green colour, which creates the appearance of flowing black surfaces with bright white veins, this Dekton stone blends well with your home theatre, allowing it to bring a natural cinematic sensation that has fewer distracting points.

Smooth Matt Finish Dekton will Induce a Sense of Peacefulness in Your Bedroom

Smooth Matt Finish Dekton will induce a sense of peacefulness in your bedroom

Dark green Dekton with such a black surface is the better choice for your bedroom. Why are bedrooms adorned with a dark colour? Most of them favor dark shades for the bedroom, as they usually encourage people to feel quite soothing and less active than pastel colours do. Smooth Matt Finish Dekton is one of the most dominant options to put in an environment to encourage restful, deep sleep. Kelya Natural Dekton gives a pleasant, balanced, and calming feeling; Dark Dekton, due to its exceptional heat and freeze resilience performs an incredible job throughout all conditions, such as warm and sunny.

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Let's Have a Look at a Few Dekton Stone Collections

Let's have a look at a few Dekton Stone collections

You will now have a clear grasp of Dekton stones after perusing the aforementioned content, so we'll take a glance at our enormous collection of Dekton products for your dream home on

Is it Challenging to Maintain Dekton Slabs?

Is it challenging to maintain Dekton slabs

kelya Natural Dekton is a hard well recognized for its longevity which would be long-lasting material with regular delicate upkeep. It doesn't necessitate far more maintenance. It involves too little care to uphold its style and elegance, as it is a non-porous material where the liquid or other dirty stuff does not at all stay on the layer, and it is extremely resistant to heat, humidity, microbes, scuffs, and blemishes. Use a mild microfiber cloth, warm water, and a neutral cleanser to wipe your Dekton surface; avoid using a harsh sponge or liquid. Dekton is a key choice for outdoors as it won't degrade in the sunlight, since its special UV protection.

The Finest Legitimate Source of Dark Dekton Materials in & Around the UK

The Finest Legitimate Source of Dark Dekton Materials in & Around the UK

At, Dekton Stones are accessible in a selection of colours and finishing techniques. Homeowners are entitled to choose the ideal foundation for their properties, and we'll be on hand to guide you through every phase of the process, from stone selection to installation. Contact us at 0330 113 5868 or by email at

Frequently Asked Q&A

  • Is Dekton a Stronger Material?

Dekton is a manufactured stone that functions well in all circumstances and is significantly tougher than natural stone.

  • Dekton is Water - Resistant Material?

Yes, it is a completely waterproof product. Dekton is quite impervious to moisture, not only to wet but also to heat, scuffs, and stains, and it has built-in UV protection.

  • Is it Prone to Cracking?

It is resistant to cracking because Dekton is renowned as a hard-wearing material that can be utilized in outdoor spaces as well as throughout the house. It is composed of natural quartz, porcelain, and glass as its three primary basic components.

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