Kira Natural Dekton; Bring Some Woah Factor Into Your Home!

Kira Natural Dekton; Bring Some Woah Factor Into Your Home!

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Kira Natural Dekton is a brown-grey slab with fashionable dark veins. It has a glittering finish ideal for residential and business environments. It is a fantasy come true for various rooms, including kitchens, bathrooms, mudrooms, laundry rooms, and entryways in residential and commercial buildings. With its classic appearance, this Dekton worktop complements traditional and modern design aesthetics. It is incredibly adaptable, easy to maintain, and will remain fashionable and durable for a long time. Thanks to its versatile colour and design, it may be used in practically any place as flooring, wall panels, window sills, bathroom surfaces, reception spaces, business worktops, etc.

Can Kira Dekton be Placed Straight on a Hot Pan?

Can Kira Dekton be placed straight on a hot pan

Dekton sintered stone countertops can withstand the direct placement of extremely hot cookware and exposure to open flames without harm. No polymers or flammable or meltable protective coatings are present in the sintered stone. Sintered stone can also be moved from extremely hot to cold temperatures without experiencing a thermal shock. Few countertop materials can claim to be heat-resistant. Most only withstand heat. However, Kira Natural Dekton countertops are so resistant to sweltering temperatures that you can practically set them on fire.

What are the Pros and Cons of Natural Dekton Surfaces?

Sintered stone is dense and lightweight enough for walls, hard enough to be cut on, durable enough to be walked on, moisture-resistant sufficient to be used for showers, and heat-resistant enough for a fireplace or to set a hot pan on. Sintered stone is available in enormous formats with unlimited colours and textures for seamless surfaces. Most manufacturers provide an entire body or through body colour, giving customers more edge choice flexibility. Amazingly stain- and fade-resistant, the sintered stone is also very simple to clean and breathtakingly beautiful. But it may also crack or chip more quickly than natural stone, especially on the edges, and is picky about production and installation.

Engineered vs Natural Stone; Dekton vs Granite:

The sort of stone that makes up each of these surfaces is one of the primary distinctions between Dekton and granite. Granite is a natural stone, whereas Dekton is a manufactured material.

This stone is a sturdy substance comprised of natural minerals, including quartz. Natural Granite is a porous substance with stunning colour and texture combinations. Its extensive use in the countertop and kitchen industries makes it a material that many skilled stone artisans are familiar with.

Dekton is made by combining raw materials and subjecting them to a sintering process that uses pressure, heat, and additional forces to create a transformation similar to that experienced by a natural stone during the metamorphosis, but more quickly. Cosentino, the makers of Dekton, has described the substance produced by this procedure as Ultra-compact surfaces. Dekton is non-porous and significantly more rigid than granite.

What Does Kira Dekton Kitchen Surfaces Allow You To???

You Can Use an Undermount Sink with Dekton

What does Kira Dekton Kitchen Surfaces allow you to

Dekton offers more options for your sink area than a typical sink and drainer. Instead, install an undermount sink & have the worktop's drainer grooves or recessed drainer cut into it. This results in a simple appearance as your washbasin integrate effortlessly into your worktop. The region is also simpler to clean since water may flow from the work surface to the washbasin.

With Dekton, You May Get a Flush-Mounted Cooker

A Dekton worktop's compatibility with a flush-mounted cooktop is another advantage. Here, the hob is flush with the worktop's surface, giving your kitchen an elegant appearance. You also need to get a hob explicitly developed for this.

You Can Utilise Pop-Up Sockets with Dekton

In the kitchen, pop-out plug plugs for occasional use come in particularly handy. Especially when using a kitchen island without access to wall outlets. One of the worktop surfaces that enables this is Dekton.

Classic Varieties of Dekton Stones for Your Home:

Classic Varieties of Dekton Stones for your Home

Some of the classic and perfect varieties of dekton surfaces from us

Stay Classic with Our Dekton Collections from

Make s fusion with dekton stone surfaces that add elegance and beauty to your place and lift your entire home. Dekton grants plenty of styles in the engineered stone sector in an extensive selection of colours and styles for your locale. Reach out to us at or dial 0330 113 5868.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is Dekton Natural?

Granite is a natural stone, whereas Dekton is a manufactured material. Due to the terminology used to explain them, this occasionally confuses potential customers.

  • How Long Does Dekton Live?

Dekton's hue is permanent and does not change over time.

  • Does Dekton Withstand Heat?

The best countertop material is Dekton, which comes in various colours and is highly resistant to heat, scratches, and stains.

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