Kitchen Sink; Affordable For Every Kitchen Type

Kitchen Sink; Affordable For Every Kitchen Type

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Natural stone sinks provide homeowners with a distinctive design choice for their kitchen. Natural stone kitchen sink comes in a wide variety of materials, from the more common Granite, Marble, and Soapstone to the rarer Travertine, Onyx, and even petrified wood.

Before their beauty overcomes you, you must determine whether these traditional stone sinks are appropriate for you and your home.

Benefits Of Having A Natural Stone Sink:

Benefits of having a Natural Stone sink

Classic And Unique Design

Stone sinks are prized for having exquisite veining, swirls, and dots. There are no two identical stone sinks in existence. Homeowners who value exclusivity and traditional designs will be drawn to natural kitchen sinks by their beauty and elegance.


The innate elegance of a stone sink, especially in its natural state, is unmatched. Its dual functionality as a decorative element and a practical fixture makes it a standout choice for any home. Pairing a stone sink with a countertop of the same material ensures a seamless look and creates a stunning contrast, adding visual interest and sophistication to the space. A boldly black granite countertop alongside a matching granite sink embodies sheer elegance, making a bold yet harmonious statement that will captivate and become a focal point of conversation in any home.

Heat Resistance

Stone sinks generally exhibit excellent heat resistance. Granite stone is chilly to the touch by nature. Harder temperature components have been present in natural stones. A small amount of warm water won't harm your sink.

One Engrossing Fact About Kitchen Sink

One interesting and lesser-known fact about kitchen sinks is that they can harbour more bacteria than other areas in the kitchen if not properly cleaned. A study by NSF International found that kitchen sinks contain more germs and bacteria than other kitchen surfaces, including E. coli and Salmonella.




Lemurian Blue Granite is a beautiful blue natural stone from Madagascar. It is well-known for its gorgeous blue-grey colour and complex swirls of black, silver, and white mineral veins, which makes it a popular option for both exterior and interior… read more





Arabescatta Bookmatch Marble is a fascinating choice for someone who loves contemporary interiors. The slab has a soft grey body painted with dark black veins that gives elevation upon installation. Arabescatta Bookmatch Marble has a visually pleasing bookmatched feature which… read more





Casablanca Quartzite is a stunning natural stone quarry in Brazil. This Quartzite has a dramatic white and grey veining pattern that will make a statement in any interior or exterior design. Its colouring is a mix of white, grey, and… read more


To Prevent Bacterial Buildup In The Washing Sinks:

  • Regularly clean your sink with soap and hot water, then disinfect with water, vinegar, or a mild bleach solution.

  • Pay extra attention to the sink drain and disposal area, as these can accumulate food particles and bacteria.

  • Use separate cloths or sponges for washing dishes and cleaning the sink to avoid cross-contamination.

Maintaining a clean kitchen sink is crucial for ensuring a hygienic environment in your kitchen.

Get The Best Sink For Kitchen:

Get the Best Sink for Kitchen

What Is The Sintered Stone?

Due to the product's adaptability, attractiveness, usefulness, and affordability, the sintered stone is popular among designers and homeowners. The substance is produced by companies like Lapitec and is used for anything from pool tiling to Sintered Stone.

Sintered Stone: How Is It Produced?

Sintered Stone: How is it produced

Modern technological innovations are used to manufacture sintered stone in a manner that closely resembles the procedures used to create natural stones. The process subjects these carefully chosen particles to extreme heat and pressure, akin to the intense conditions found deep within the Earth's crust over extended periods. However, in this engineered process, these conditions are expedited. As a result, sintered stone emerges, seamlessly binding the particles together permanently without relying on resins or other bonding agents.

These are a few collections of sintered stone sinks:




Blanco Carrara Silk Sink is a stunning white sink/basin that makes your space look fabulous. We can see some grey veins that adorn the smooth white background. It is designed to make any space beautiful. This unique surface is extremely… read more





Zaha Stone Silk Sink is a stunning grey sink/basin that makes your space look fabulous. We can see some white veins that adorn the silky grey background. It is designed to make any space beautiful. This unique surface is extremely… read more





A personalised sintered stone sink, the Mar Del Plata Slate Sink forms out of naturally occurring minerals that never erode as it stands for its miraculous character and characteristics. It moves on the surface of grey overtones with white and… read more


Finishes Of Sinks:

Finishes of Sinks

Satin Finish

The attractive satin finish is applied to the stainless steel sinks to defend against rusting or scratches. Our Splash sinks' well-rounded shapes facilitate simple cleaning and reduce the possibility of any unwelcome residues in the far corners of the sink basin.

Silk Finish

Silk finish boasts fundamental, sleek, and modern lines, making it an ideal texture for interiors and is highly valued, much like the material it is named after. The surface is meticulously crafted through a process that begins with mechanical rough-hewing of the slabs, followed by brushing to eliminate any stone impurities. It is undulating but still incredibly smooth and insubstantial to the touch.

River-Washed Finish

The River Washed finish is one of our most distinctive; it is more profound than our brushing and applied more slowly to produce distinctive gorges and canyons defined by real stone's properties. Marble tiles and slabs have the best results.

Slate Finish

A slate is a sedimentary rock formed under the sea from compressed layers of sediment. Due to its robust composition, this material exhibits resistance to fading, scratches, and even chemicals. Slate tiles last virtually forever with little maintenance but must be sealed regularly.

Steel Finish

Stainless steel is a no-brainer when choosing a kitchen sink. This top kitchen sink material is exceptionally durable, withstanding heavy drops from pots and pans without a scratch, ensuring that sharp knives and other utensils pose no threat

Varieties Of Colours In Sinks:

Varieties of Colours in Sinks

White Sinks

White sinks offer a timeless touch of heritage, making them an enduring choice for any bathroom renovation or makeover. This unique neutral hue introduces sleek, clean lines, enhancing the aesthetic of any kitchen in your home

Black Sinks

A black sink is a fantastic way to add glitz to your kitchen renovation. Black adds a modern pop of colour and works well with various tints and hues on the walls and floors. The juxtaposition of the bold black sink against these richer hues creates a sense of sophistication and refinement, elevating the overall aesthetic appeal of the room.

Brown Sinks

Brown sinks exude an antique and traditional aesthetic complementing the overall appearance of the kitchen countertop. Make the kitchen the best way possible with these brown sinks.

Cream Sinks

Cream-coloured stone sinks look subtle and will go with any kitchen type. Cream sinks add a statement to the kitchen with their elegant and stunning look.




The Ethereal Noctis Integrity Sink seems to boast a beautiful white surface accented by graceful grey veins. This combination of colours often creates a sophisticated and elegant look, perfect for various kitchen or bathroom designs. The veining can add depth… read more





ET. Marquina Integrity Sink reigns supreme as the ultimate selection for commercial and residential settings alike. Its robust hard surface not only ensures durability but also embodies an exquisite modernity that resonates with sleek, contemporary design preferences. Crafted to withstand… read more





Discover the allure of Arcilla Red Integrity Sink, an exceptional choice for both kitchen and restaurant spaces. With their rising popularity, these sinks embody durability and elegance, elevating spaces with their timeless charm and reliable functionality. Experience the beauty and… read more


Try Out These Calatorao Silk Sink:

Calatorao Silk Sink

Calatorao Silk Sink is a sintered stone; during manufacturing, sintered stone undergoes a metamorphic process to bind natural materials without resins or binders. Sintered stone is similar to porcelain but is subjected to significantly higher pressure and heat. Calatorao Silk Sink has a black surface with white veins that look elegant and natural and fit every kitchen.

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