Laurent Natural Dekton; Fantastic Launch of New Collections

Laurent Natural Dekton; Fantastic Launch of New Collections

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Laurent Natural Dekton is a well-liked dark grey, nearly black surface. The beautiful golden copper vein that shoots from across the stone's surface resembles natural Port Laurent marble. Dekton Laurent looks great with dark wood cabinets. Dekton Laurent is made from a combination of Porcelain, quartz, glass, and raw materials. The materials are then heated to form the Dekton tops, each pattern printed on its surface.

Dekton Outdoor Kitchens

Dekton outdoor kitchens

Dekton surfaces ' excellent resilience to UV radiation allows for the design of outdoor counters, allowing their colour and texture to last over time.

You can enjoy dinners, parties, and any outside occasion with friends and family with your Dekton outdoor kitchen while maintaining the practicality and beauty of an inside setting.

Cosentino's New Ultracompact Surface is Dekton

Laurent Natural Dekton Porcelain, glass, and quartz composition. Because of its negligible porosity, it has become a versatile and highly resistant alternative.

Stain Resistance

Dekton is a non-porous, stain-resistant surface used for coffee, wine, lemon juice, and other daily goods.

Scratch Resistance is Excellent

Although Dekton is highly scratch resistant, we recommend cutting boards to safeguard household utensils.

Heat resistance. Dekton is extremely resistant to extreme temperatures without compromising its looks or characteristics. Hot pans are no fit for Dekton!s

Is Dekton Safe to Use Outdoor?

Is Dekton safe to use Outdoor

It is Difficult to Stain

Dekton is a porcelain and glass mixture that is heated and pressed to generate slabs that may be made into countertops. Porcelain and glass are nearly impossible to discolour by nature. Furthermore, due to the pressure and heat on the slab being exposed, the end product has no pores for stains.

It is Safe for Hot Pans and Pots

You won't have to put a trivet under every hot pan that comes off the stovetop or even a pot holder under every casserole dish that comes out of the oven if you buy Dekton. You can easily throw them on the counter without thinking twice about it.

It Cannot be Scratched

I've never heard someone complain about a Dekton countertop becoming scratched. Fabricators who work with it have told me the exact opposite. Their main complaint about dealing with it is how difficult it is to cut and how they need specific tool-cut blades.

Dekton has been Known to Crack

It has minimal flexibility since it is dense and hefty. The risk of cracking is substantially larger if your cabinets aren't level or the slab is not securely supported.

Is Dekton Long Lasting?

Is Dekton Long Lasting

We praise Dekton countertops for their strength and durability. It is not exaggerated. A Dekton counter can tolerate a lot of damage.

Compared to other materials recognized for their durabilities, such as granite and quartz, Dekton usually has the advantage of a higher product line.

Customers should think about heat resistance while selecting a countertop. Dekton worktops are so strong that you wouldn't need a chopping board; you can slice your vegetables on the countertop!

Dekton vs Natural Stone

Dekton vs Natural Stone

Dekton has the same durability as natural stone but is more resistant to scratches, heat, and UV light. Dekton is also a non-porous substance, which means it does not absorb fluids or stain as easily as natural stone.

Granite countertops require maintenance, such as a sealer and trivets, to prevent heated surfaces from harming the counter.

Although Dekton is extremely durable and adaptable, there are a few drawbacks to selecting whether it is the right counter material for you.

The primary benefit of natural stone versus Dekton costs; natural stone worktops are typically less expensive than their Dekton counterparts.

Grab these Black Dekton Slabs for Your Home:

Grab these Black Dekton Slabs for your Home

Pick these Black Dekton for your kitchen that looks fantastic and elegant.

Get these Classic Collections of Dekton Stones for Your Kitchen:

You can get these New Dekton collections from for your kitchen countertop, kitchen flooring, walls, outdoor designs, and many more; you can get these stones at the best available price from us. For a free quote, Contact or Call us at 0330 113 5868 to get your Kitchen done and enjoy our fabrication and installation service within 10 working days.

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