Lydia Classico Travertine Tiles; Style it Today

Lydia Classico Travertine Tiles; Style it Today

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Lydia Classico Travertine Tiles for Home:

Lydia Classico Travertine Tiles are light-coloured stones with a beige-cream hue that look great in both traditional and modern settings. Split face tiles are available in the Lydia Classico series, which is a popular choice for feature wall applications. Its fibrous, marble-like texture and appealing earth-tone colours make it one of the most popular building stones. Historically, much of the travertine used in architecture and artwork came from the Italian mountains, but most travertines sold today come from Turkey, Iran, Mexico, and Peru.

Travertine Tiles Benefits:

Travertine Tiles Benefits

Travertine Tiles are Less Expensive than Other Natural Stones

Travertine tiles can have the same appearance and durability as marble or granite tiles while being roughly twice the price.

Travertine Tiles are Extremely Long-Lasting

Travertine tiles are extremely long-lasting. When properly maintained, they do not crack easily. Travertine tiles are also resistant to extreme weather changes, making them suitable for both outdoor and indoor installations.

The Texture of Travertine is Non-Slippery

The Texture of Travertine is Non-Slippery

Travertine tiles are naturally non-slip, making them ideal for swimming pools, bathrooms, showers, floors, and pool decks. Travertine tiles are rough and easy to grip and walk on due to their holes and pits - porous surface.

Travertine Flooring Maintenance

Travertine is a warm and lovely stone with distinctive colour and pattern characteristics that will complement any home. However, because travertine is delicate in nature, it is critical to take good care of it in order to keep this wonderful addition to your home in the best possible condition. It should be cared for in the same way that marble and limestone are because they have similar chemical and physical properties. Travertine care is not time-consuming, and depending on whether you choose filled or unfilled travertine, tumbled or polished, maintenance should be relatively simple once your travertine is sealed. Although travertine is a more durable floor material than most, it is still susceptible to damage if not properly maintained. Travertine tiles are susceptible to staining due to their natural porous construction when exposed to acidic liquids such as alcohol, citrus fruit juice, and cleaning products.

Travertine Flooring Maintenance
Travertine Floor Tiles: The Ideal Option

Travertine floor tiles are unlike any other natural material and are easily distinguished by their distinct rustic, yet simple elegance. Having travertine flooring in your home will bring out the natural beauty of the stone, creating a look that is truly unparalleled. Travertine flooring wins hands down when it comes to adding value, elegance, and beauty. We are frequently spoiled for choice when it comes to tiling, and deciding which tile material to use can be difficult. Travertine floor tiles are versatile, can be used in any décor, whether rustic, traditional, or contemporary, and are extremely durable.

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How to Get These Travertine Stones for Your Home:

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