Nero Assoluto Granite; High Traffic Kitchen Area

Nero Assoluto Granite; High Traffic Kitchen Area

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Nero Assoluto Granite is consistent, mysterious, ageless, and contemporary and can be used in almost any setting. Granite is a hard natural stone that can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications. Because of its toughness, granite will last a lifetime, making it an excellent option for high-traffic areas. As a result, Nero Assoluto is an ideal material for kitchen counters, bathrooms, backsplashes, fireplaces, walls, floor cladding, and other design projects.




Nero Assoluto Granite is constant, mysterious, ageless, and modern, and it fits into practically any space.Granite is a tough natural stone that may be used in a variety of interior and outdoor applications. Granite will last a lifetime because of… read more


Nero Assoluto Kitchen - Black Kitchen at Best:

Nero Assoluto Kitchen - Black Kitchen at Best

Nero Assoluto has a striking black facade with a fine and compact grain. The magnificent glints are reminiscent of a brilliant starry sky, trying to make this black granite  desirable for commercial and residential construction. Black granite walls will complement the gleaming front of Nero Assoluto. Add complementing features, such as black granite countertops, granite splashbacks, and other residential objects, to ensure an overall luxurious appearance. This black granite is also ideal for constructing an elaborate entrance foyer with black granite floors, walls, and granite stairs.

Get the Benefits of Having a Nero Assoluto Black Kitchen:

Get the Benefits of Having a Nero Assoluto Black Kitchen

Nero Assoluto Granite worktops have a consistent look in colour and texture, making them ideal for modern kitchens with clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic. Gloss kitchen cabinets can be used to create dramatic contrasts. Pure black worktops work best with white, black, red, or softer cream. When contrasted sharply with stainless steel equipment and accessories, pure black worktops give a kitchen a stunning showhouse feel. The reflective properties of pure black granite under light sources are breathtaking.

Assoluto Black Kitchen - Some Wide Range of Properties:

Nero Assoluto is an extremely strong slab, even within the granite category, as well as a polished worktop is as seamless as a mirror and sparkly black. Because the region's stone industry is underdeveloped, stone blocks arriving from the mine aren't processed, with the majority not being cut into slabs. . Nero Assoluto is frost-resistant as well as suitable to be used in outdoor kitchens, barbecue areas, and terraces due to its low porosity and very high water absorption coefficient.

Black Granite for Bathroom - How to Style it?

Black Granite for Bathroom - How to Style it

Bathroom Vanity Black Countertop

Above the black bathroom countertops are hung a round dark stained, and black mirror lit by black vanity lighting. A black shower kit completes a white subway tile bath next to the vanity.

Bathroom with a Black Mirror

This black mirror bathroom has black frame artwork above a white toilet next to a white cabinet vanity. The black countertop houses a white sink with a black faucet.

Countertops in White and Black in the Bathroom

Bathroom countertops in white and black are installed on a black vanity with black hardware. A black frame circle mirror is placed above the sink in this bathroom with a white subway tile bath with glass and a black frame enclosure.

Bring out Some Similar Slabs for Your Kitchen:

Bring out Some Similar Slabs for Your Kitchen

Get these similar slabs to design your kitchen.




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