Nero Marquina Fv Bookmatch Ceramic for Lively Walls

Nero Marquina Fv Bookmatch Ceramic for Lively Walls

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Antolini Tech Nero Marquina Fv Bookmatch Ceramic is a glassy, Black Ceramic slab with distinctive white tiny non-continuous veins. It is an inky black-white ceramic slab with low ductility, less reaction with chemicals, durability, hardness, and a relatively high Melting point, which is applicable for places near kitchens and based areas. It is an engineered stone Available in 12MM thicknesses.

Antolini Tech Nero Marquina Fv Bookmatch Ceramic can be a decorative piece for wall hangings, mood boards, above beds, and many other surfaces. It is not confined to the walls; regardless of its bookmatch feature, it can be executed in many areas.

Great black stone with hard-wearing and give dimensional stability upon installations in the bar area, kitchens, kitchen islands, bathrooms, mudrooms, laundry rooms, entryways floors, shower floors, and every other surface. See how to implant this Ceramic stone for your interiors and exteriors.

Black Nero Marquina for a Wanderlust Interior Perfection

Every travel freak will definitely like this amusing Black Bookmatch Ceramic, either as a global-emotional board or to put up on the accent walls for emotional upkeep. We know people who love to travel will end up at home saying, "Finally, it is my home", and that reminiscence of missing their home for long days, that feel that can be gratified by this Black Nero Marquina.

Table lamps, shades, cheeky mood boards, and candle sticks will merge for the wanderlust interior perfections. If you really love a wanderlust wall, save this content immediately to spruce up your interiors like never before.

Marquina Ceramics Rivalling Option for the Gallery Walls

Marquina Gallery Walls

We won't deny, Ceramics are Wonderful choices for gallery walls. To be more specific, Marquina Ceramics is a bold and black stunning book match stone that rivals any chic walls; they are fascinating for Gallery walls, but never nail your ceramic walls to hang up art pieces; either use hooks or tie them up to the ceiling walls, because nails may cause a pretty amount of damage to the stone wall galleries.

Antolini Nero Ceramic Stone Benefits

Antolini Tech Nero Marquina Fv Bookmatch Ceramic and their dark nature will not let prominent stains and spills affect the walls.

The stones are affordable and easy to keep, plaudits the kitchens and bathroom walls.

Top-feature of any Ceramic stone is they are free from formaldehyde substances and much appreciated for common walls that will not cause any breathing discomforts in any circumstances.

All-hygienic, mostly preferred for kid rooms walls, tables and other surfaces.

Its versatile Bookmatched and tiny veins are eye-catchy and make good pairs with living room walls.

Installing Marquina Fv is as easy as pie. Get a Free Quote today!!

Give Spirit to Black Ceramic Shower Walls

Shower Walls

The texture and colours of the Black Ceramic Shower walls evoke the bathing spirit. Its timeless hue covers every inch of the washroom. This brilliant black stone can decorate functional walls with crooked or spacious arenas.

Steel shower heads, four-sided glass panels, crepuscular bookmatch walls and rugged shower trays to keep you from slipping will increase the standard of the shower place.

Alluring Marquina Fv Bookmatch Slabs for Book Shelves

It is critical to think about a shelf's fancy and productive side; it certainly provides both when applied as a bookshelf. People escort these durable Book match slabs and tailor-made to shelves and upstands to arrange books, ceramic vases, moss plants or any other accessories. We often say to throw up cosy pale greyish fluffy cushions in front of the black bookshelves that warm the heart's cockles.

Black shelves blend in with modern and pensive lamps; sheer lights and soft curtains will be special in the cores.

Take a Look at Our Amazing Stones and their Patterns Associated with Ceramic Slabs,

Amazing Stones




Antolini Tech Black & Gold Without Net Satin Ceramic is charming; the stone is resilient with a flat surface. It got a pure, unaltered black backdrop with a touch of gold specks of dust and evident thick veins adding a… read more

Glossy Nooks and Corners Make it Possible with Ceramic Book Match Floors

Book match floors are in vogue, and people demand Nero Marquina Floors with astonishing extras like layered rugs and woollen carpets if you dream of luxurious floors, flair up every nook and corner of the home using Antolini Tech Nero Marquina Fv Ceramic stone.

When two slabs are laid face to face, book-match tiles resemble an open book. Because of the employment of the mirror image technique, the finished product is reminiscent of an open book; hence they named it "book-matched tiles." They keep the floors keen and neat; cleaning ceramic tile is typically simple.

The majority of cleaning sprays work well to clean the surface. Clean up the mess by adding a few drops of dish soap to a warm, soapy water bucket. Contact us immediately at 03301135868 or send your inquiry to

Frequently Asked Q&A

  • What are the Most Popular Bookmatch for a Kitchen?

Ceramic, Porcelain, and Marble Bookmatch stones are popular and often brought for kitchen floors and walls due to their mesmerizing vein pattern.

  • Which Tiles Make the Room Bigger?

Usually, a pastel, bright or plain colour tile, let it be a Ceramic or Porcelain floor, catches up more light and makes the room spacious. It can be a fantastic choice for living room, office and hotel floors that are big and humongous.

  • What is the Best Cleaning Solution for Ceramic Tile Floors?

Like other stones, normal and neutral PH cleaners can be used for ceramic tile floor cleaning. Soap liquids soaked in warm water should be used regularly to keep the floors spotless.

  • Can We use Bookmatch to Make Bookshelves?

It is a common slab without their significant half, so it is amazing, as always, to put up high-end custom shelves to arrange books and keep it as a nerd corner.

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