Onda Dorada Quartzite; One Rare Stone for Classic Look

Onda Dorada Quartzite; One Rare Stone for Classic Look

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Onda Dorada Quartzite is an natural quartzite stone that redefines what is required for contemporary living. Because of its durability, stone slabs are a logical choice for countertops in kitchens and bathrooms. This stone is heat resistant and chemical resistant, and it is less expensive and harder than granite.

Create something new with Onda Dorada Quartzite by using them as the flooring, walls, feature walls, and bar counters in your residential and commercial structures.

The fact that it is translucent is quite ornamental. Have welcome desks, feature walls, and roof setups that are backlit so they gleam vibrantly.

There are many different options, so if you ask fabrication support for guidance, they will help you achieve the ideal finish.

How to Style Your Interior with a Quartzite Counter:

How to Style Your Interior with a Quartzite Counter

Interior Design: Kitchen Islands and Countertops

An excellent material for kitchen countertops and islands is quartzite. It is distinctive because of its toughness.

Easy Maintenance

Because this natural stone is resistant to chemicals, liquids and abrasive cleaning agents cannot harm it.

Attractive Look

The slabs' lovely veining gives them a dynamic appearance. The colours and textures inspire incredible inventiveness.

Great Durability

Great Durability

This rock can withstand heat and stains. Due to their durability, kitchen countertops can withstand regular use for many years.

Exterior Design: Cladding on the Facade

For both practical and aesthetically pleasing reasons, facade cladding is crucial. When cladding an exterior, quartzite is a good option. Any building is shielded from environmental factors.

Installation and upkeep for this kind of rock are both simple. From traditional black, white, and silver to modern oranges and yellows, this natural stone cladding comes in a variety of colours. Facades made of natural stone are long-lasting.

Landscape: Designs for Pools and Gardens

It is possible to employ quartzite in landscaping plans. The hardness and rough texture of this natural stone make it an excellent choice for garden walkways. Due to its resistance, it can be used as a patio or balcony pavement because it can sustain foot activity. Additionally, the natural colours and texture of quartzite produce stunning views around your pool.

Different types of this natural stone are utilised to adorn outside areas such as expansive lawns, backyards, or front yards.

Lets See the Benefits of Having Quartzite Countertop:

Lets See the Benefits of Having Quartzite Countertop


The 93% natural quartzite in its composition, combined with polymers and colours, creates a material that is more robust than marble and granite. The bench made of this material is sturdy and of excellent quality. It is important to note that the product undergoes meticulous inspection and polishing before it is delivered to the customer.


Due to the unique production procedure, it is perfectly hygienic for both food preparation and consumption. You won't have to worry about odor-producing bacteria, mould, and other elements in your kitchen after installing this kind of countertop.

Simple Maintainance

To clean the quartzite countertop thoroughly, all you need is a soft cloth, water, and neutral dish soap.


This substance has no pores and is very robust. No product with a strong colouration, such as red wine, may therefore penetrate the countertop and leave stains.

Why You Need to Choose Onda Dorada Quartzite?

Why You Need to Choose Onda Dorada Quartzite

Extreme Resistance

Because of their strong resistance to shocks, stains, deep scratches, and knife marks, quartzite countertops are the finest choice. It is perfect for the kitchen area because it is highly stiff. However, excessive temperatures require caution; it is advised to place plate holders between the pans and the countertop.

A Distinct and Consistent Appearance

The fact that quartzite is not permeable is one of its key qualities for countertops. The installation yields a flawlessly smooth, consistent, and homogeneous finish.


Quartzite countertops are perfect for these areas due to their waterproof nature. It won't absorb water or other substances, keeping the surface free of stains.

Selecting Your Favourite Stones with Similar Patterns from Work-tops.com

Selecting Your Favourite Stones with Similar Patterns from Work-tops.com

Pick the beautiful stone from us, and design your home with the best




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