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Titanium Quartzite is a form of blue-black quartzite that is mined in Brazil. This natural stone has a very homogeneous base. It has a significant quartz content of 85%  and contains some other minerals and mica. The grain sizes are very small, having an extremely rough or slick texture. Even though it is a naturally occurring stone, its exceptional resistance to common basic and acidic substances makes it durable and sturdy. 

Significance: The material is a symbol of soberness, research, technology and development. However, it is also a reminder of the Titans, The powerful ancient gods, mythologies of the ocean, time, fertility as well as the sun, moon sky, earth, and memories.

Appearance: Titanium is a spectacular natural stone that is decorated with streak gold, waves of cream hues, and ripples of crystal deposits. It blends with many design styles. The mixture of random colours and cloudy patterns in the stone makes it appear as if there was a movement happening, which makes the surface of this quartzite worktop appear very cool and fascinating.  

Uses of Titanium Quartzite: This is a construction and landscaping stone suitable designed for outdoor and indoor commercial and residential uses. It is a great stone for countertops, kitchen worktops, kitchen islands, backsplashes, upstands, breakfast bars, mosaics, exterior flooring and wall applications, pools and walls, fountains, capping, stairwells, window sills, and other projects of design. Titanium can be described as a sturdy and tough stone that assists designers and architects who are responsible for massive business and hotel projects face the challenges of incorporating natural stone into floors with high foot traffic.

Finishing options for Titanium Quartzite: It can be transformed into Polished or sawn Cut, Sanded, Rock Faced and sandblasted, tumbled, etc.

Synonymous Names: It's also known as Le Jardin Quartzite, Le Jardin Granite, Titanium Blue Quartzite.

What should you avoid doing to quartzite countertops?

Avoid using abrasive sponges, as well as bleach, ammonia, or acid-based cleaners. These items can scratch the surface or even wear down the sealant, giving your quartzite countertop an unpolished appearance and allowing staining and etching.

How to clean quartzite worktops on a daily basis?

After sealing, quartzite worktop care is a breeze. To keep floors and countertops clean, use a moist cloth or mop and a drop or two of mild detergent on a daily basis. Another alternative is to dampen a microfiber cloth and simply wipe the dust off the stone.


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Composition of Quartzite

Quartzite is a natural stone consisting of 90-99% quartz grains bound together with silica, the stone is formed underneath the surface of the earth where sandstone rich in quartz is reformed under high heat and pressure. Quartzite stone has a granular sugar-like texture and quartz-rich sandstone elicits an earthier feel and granular in appearance. Quartzite is a medium grain with interlocking quartz. This natural stone surface is a metamorphosed sandstone. The composition is dominated by quartz, but originally the sandstone contains some clay minerals and other minerals such as feldspar, fragments of rock that invade the stone in the form of impurities.

Colour and pattern of Quartzite:

Quartzite is commonly found in shades of grey and white quartzite countertops, grey quartzite is most loved by many and some quartzite stones appear to have pinkish or reddish hues due to the presence of iron oxide. Veining and pattern on quartzite are irregular and inconsistent on visualization. The natural stone worktops are also found in tones of Beige, blue, brown, dark grey, golden, green, grey, and white.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Quartzite countertops

Quartzite is a low-cost maintenance material for quartzite kitchen tops. They have different degrees of porosity. Quartzite worktops are porous in nature, they need to be properly sealed to avoid staining and bacterial and fungal contaminations. Sealing is recommended once a year if the quartzite slab is dense and less porous. Though they are scratch-resistant, avoid using abrasive cleaners on the surface which eventually will wear out the polish. After the counters are wiped with soap solution, dry the surface clean to avoid any moisture from settling down. Avoid using Citrus based cleaners like vinegar and lemon or abrasives that can damage the work surface of the countertop. The acidic properties in these cleaners can deteriorate the sealer, causing your countertop to lose polish and be vulnerable to stains.

The cleaning of quartzite needs a minimal maintenance routine when compared to the natural stones of other types. Though the maintenance practice followed for granite and quartzite are similar to each other. If a stain occurs, make a paste of baking soda and water or use a commercial stain removing poultice. Apply a thick layer of paste to the stain and cover the area with plastic wrap. Allow the paste to sit overnight. Wipe the paste away and rinse using a damp cloth. If any trace of the stain remains, repeat the application until the stain is gone.

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