Caribbean Island Quartzite; Durable Surface Slab for You!

Caribbean Island Quartzite; Durable Surface Slab for You!

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Caribbean Island Quartzite, often called oyster white marble or quartz with blue portions. The stone's name comes from the light blue islands that appear to be dispersed across it. Caribbean Island is a popular choice for kitchens because of its distinctive appearance and superb balance of warm and cold hues. It will never go out of style. Large slabs are an excellent choice in kitchen designs with waterfalls or for use as large kitchen islands.




Caribbean Island Quartzite is often recognised by other names like Oyster White or Dover White. The stone's name comes from the light blue islands that appear to be dispersed across it. Caribbean Island is a popular choice for kitchens because… read more


Why Quartzite Slabs?

Why Quartzite Slabs

A natural stone known as quartzite is extracted from the earth in slab form. It is produced when sandstone undergoes a natural process involving intense heat and pressure. For their kitchen countertops, homeowners often pick quartzite for the following reasons:


True quartzite is resistant to etching when exposed to acidic substances, unlike marble and granite, which both have a hardness similar to that of granite. Although not as stain-resistant as granite, it is still suitable for light-colored countertops.

Care and Upkeep

A basic cleanser is adequate for daily cleaning. Utilize a cleaner designed for natural stone for more thorough cleaning. Regular sealing is necessary to maintain quartzite countertops' water and stain resistance. But if properly taken care of, they can last for many years.

Colours and Patterns

Creamy-white, mild grey and beige are the lighter tones of quartzite most frequently discovered. These often resemble marble and have similar veining, giving you the appearance of natural marble without the costly care. There are also options for darker hues and unusual tones like blue and pink.

Countertop Edges

Because quartzite is a little softer than granite, your fabricator can change the countertop edge more quickly.

Which Quartzite Maintenance is Required?

Which Quartzite Maintenance is Required

Naturally, no surface is resistant to harm. However, neither lemon nor vinegar will be able to etch a natural quartzite, nor will the chemicals present in typical home cleaners. Using mild soap and cleaning up spills helps keep the surface finish shiny for optimum performance.

As the most accessible surface to use, Caribbean Island Quartzite certainly lives up to its reputation. With its subtle veining and restrained colour palette, this lovely and elegant natural stone complements any style, whether it be minimalist, modern, or traditional.

White Quartzite Benefits:

White Quartzite Benefits

  • Beautiful natural stone with marble- or granite-like veining

  • There is nothing "made" about any slab.

  • resistive to heat

  • Superior to other natural stone variants in terms of strength and hardness.

  • Cleanup is simple with soap and water.

  • if adequately sealed, moisture resistant

  • adds a little more value to a home than quartz

  • Greater environmental friendliness; only uses naturally existing components; works well everywhere in the home.

  • more excellent resistance to abrasion and acid than quartz and other stone

  • Quartz has a more organic feel, is grainier, and is coarser.

  • It can be used for workstations, fireplace surrounds, shower floors or surrounds, kitchen and bathroom counters, and even outdoor paving.

Interior Applications of Quartzite Stones:

Although quartzite is a challenging material to work with, it makes for a polish of exceptionally high caliber. Quartzite is a fantastic material for table tops, stairways, and floor details due to its high durability, low abrasion resistance, and resistance to polishing.

The quartzite's dynamic colour and pattern range have solid decorative value and are widely used as face stones for interior furniture. It is now increasingly common to cover floors and walls with large-format quartzite plates, allowing the interior designer to fully incorporate the stone's inherent beauty.

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