Planet Neptune Quartz; Exclusive Collections This Christmas

Planet Neptune Quartz; Exclusive Collections This Christmas

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Planet Neptune Quartz catches the human's gaze at first glance. Its white, vibrant surface and lengthy grey-blue veins embark pure delicacy to the visions. Their gorgeous, not jarring pattern creates a sophisticated ambience. Whether a home or non-home-based project, Planet Neptune Quartz will save you effort and time by eliminating the core time to half; however, proper care and maintenance should be provided to this engineered stone to look appealing. Whether engineered or natural stone, they all require investment in your time and care to preserve their longevity and brilliance.




Planet Neptune Quartz is uniformly white, has a fine texture, and long bluish veins. Neptune looks as a bluish, opaline sphere that is far away, inaccessible, and invisible to the human eye. A slab has been set aside for Neptune.… read more


Are You Confused About Quartz Material Selection?

Quartz Colours

Before you get too far into renovating your kitchen, you should decide on your chosen colour palette. Focus on two dominant colours and one accent shade to create a good despite its rapidity in your kitchen. The cabinetry and flooring in a kitchen are usually the prevalent colour options. Countertops should be halfway between the two colours.

Quartz Texture

You should consider more than colour when harmonising your Quartz Counters and floors. The texture plays a significant role. However, a complex Planet Neptune Quartz design may look best on bare flooring. A textured and characterful floor may appear best with a counter style with a consistent colour or some minor flecks.

Choose The Focal

Do you want all attention drawn to your floor or countertops? One of those details should be the showpiece of your kitchen. Countertops and floors should never compete. For example, choose a subdued floor design if you intend to install quartz counters with vivid colours.

Take Your Time To Find The Perfect Match

If you install Tile flooring, it could be tempting to imagine that your floors should be the same colour as your Planet Neptune Quartz worktops. However, the exact opposite is true. Matching floors and counters might result in a more manageable look. Instead, attempt to get carpeting that complements your counters softly.

How To Get The Rust Off From Quartz Countertops?

Select the Best Quartz Flooring Material for Your Needs

Quartz is "stain-resistant" and "not stain-proof", which means that staining is still possible despite its stain-resisting feature. Mineral deposits within hard water cause water stains. The stain occurs when the minerals merge with the quartz. When the mineral accumulation exceeds, they become more visible and damage the aesthetic of the quartz.

What Happens When A Quartz Countertop Is Not Sealed?

What Happens When a Quartz Countertop Is Sealed

Because Planet Neptune Quartz is nonporous, it is unlikely to allow the sealer to penetrate. As a result, if you spray any liquid on the countertop, the sealer will rest on top, forming a liquid layer. So, sealing is crucial for Quartz Countertop.

Quartz Lacks Porosity

When a sealant is placed on natural stones such as marble and granite, it absorbs and seals the pores, preventing water from leaking. Planet Neptune Quartz requires no countertop sealing, making it low maintenance.

Because of their lack of porosity, Quartz Countertops do not require sealing. Because nonporous materials have a built-in seal, fluids and stains cannot penetrate them. Natural Stone Worktops, such as polished marble or granite, include pores and microscopic splinters that necessitate regular sealing.

Use Quartz Remnants For A Quality Customisation

Quartz Remnants

Vanity In Bathroom

Bathroom vanities provide additional storage space and help to hide clutter. If you already have natural stone worktops in another room of your house, you can use off-cuts or partial slabs in your bathroom. A quartz remnant is exceptionally durable, resistant to traffic wear and tear, and less porous than other natural stones, making it an ideal choice for damp environments.

Cheese Boards And Cutting Boards

Replace your plain wood chopping boards with something more stylish. Leftover marble and granite can be fashioned into helpful cooking gadgets. Because of their restricted porosity, natural stone cutting boards are more sanitary than wood.

Tops For Bars

Natural stone bar tops have a long lifespan. If you have sturdy cabinetry, it only requires a little to replace your current countertop with Granite, Quartz, or even Marble. The upright stone may provide ambience and flair while resisting traffic and liquid stains. A bar top can blend in with existing design ideas, provide significant contrast, and become a standout item.

Flickering Fireplace Surrounds Using Quartz


Quartz and Granite remnants are ideal for fireplace surrounds because they absorb heat, allowing spaces to stay warmer for longer. They are scratch-resistant, have a distinct appearance, and can raise the value of your property. If you've already chosen natural materials for your kitchen, bathroom, or other areas of your house, using stones for your fireplace is a terrific way to tie everything together.

Choosing The Best Quartz Stone For Your Kitchen:

Choosing the best Quartz Stone for your kitchen

Start searching for the best quartz stones from these collections




Empira White Supernatural Quartz is a polished finish slab that features an attractive veiny pattern. It is shiny in appearance and feel. It is a dream come true for kitchens, baths, entryways, laundry and mudrooms, as well as a variety… read more





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Calacatta 5151 Quartz is presented in a stunning white background and long grey veins all over its surface, that adds a rich look to the interiors when incorporated, like most white quartz stones. Calacatta 5151 Quartz stone would make perfect… read more


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