Relvinha Limestone; Perfect Slab for Your Home

Relvinha Limestone; Perfect Slab for Your Home

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Relvinha Limestone is a fine grain, light beige limestone of compact appearance with an alignment of very small brownish grains and fossils, known as veinage. Limestone countertops are extremely durable, but they deteriorate when exposed to extreme natural effects of wind, rain, and thermal instability. It happens because limestone, a carbonate rock, shows high reactivity upon coming in contact with even mildly acidic rainwater.




Relvinha Limestone is fine grain, light beige limestone of compact appearance with an alignment of very small size brownish grains and fossils, known as veinage. Limestone Countertop are extremely durable but when exposed to extreme natural effects of wind, rain,… read more


Installation of Brown Limestone Today:

Installation of Brown Limestone Today

Limestone as a soft fabric, natural limestone can easily be carved and moulded into any size to create unique interior or external designs. This natural stone is a classic and traditional building material that may be utilised for everything from floors to facades. It integrates well with current aesthetics and complements subtle and powerful hues because of its distinctive patterns and colours. Furthermore, the ease with which it can be cleaned and maintained allows people to appreciate the presence of limestone fully.

Consider the Following While Designing with Limestone Tiles:

Consider the following while designing with Limestone Tiles

There are numerous possibilities for decorating your kitchen, bathroom, living room, or indoor area. However, there are a few things to consider before decorating with limestone. Take accurate measurements of your space. Because all the measures are critical, any inaccuracy in the readings could result in financial loss.

Choose tile colours and designs that are appropriate for your place; for example, your bedroom ought to be more cosy and pleasant; and your kitchen should be bright to make you feel more energised.

You can also put limestone tiles outside because they are incredibly hygienic for both the inside and outside of your property. Limestone tiles are impervious to all types of bacteria that may readily grow on the surface of the ground and do not enable allergens to hide within it.

You Don't Have to Maintain these Classic Limestone Stones

You don't have to maintain these Classic Limestone stones

Relvinha Limestone is a natural stone with no chemical additives, so it is more durable and resilient than other stones. Keeping the few tips in mind, you will be able to tile for a long time; probably, one time is enough for your lifetime. To prolong the useful life of limestone tiles, it is recommended that they be sealed when they are installed. Besides increasing the age of the tiles, this process also gives them a glossy appearance. Sealants are transparent solutions that won't affect the texture and colour of your tiles. If you follow this process, your tiles will last longer.

Relvinha Limestones are More Durable and Opaque. Is It?

Relvinha limestones are more durable and Opaque. Is it

Limestone is strong and long-lasting since it can withstand a wide range of temperatures. Limestone is a natural stone composed of shells, calcite, and other residues, which accounts for its high resilience. So, as long as you take care of tiles, they will last you a lifetime. Similarly, limestone is dense since they are carved from real rock slabs, and its opaqueness makes them even more resistant to cracking, peeling, flaking, and chipping.

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