Ruschita Champagne Marble; Create a Statement Wall Today

Ruschita Champagne Marble; Create a Statement Wall Today

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Ruschita Champagne Marble is known for its distinctive tints, from white and grey to pink, with various intermediate variations. What makes this marble extremely unique are the internal structure of the stones, qualitative properties, and aesthetic characteristics chosen for stunning buildings recognized worldwide.

What Do You Think are the Uses of Ruschita Marble:

Uses Of Ruschita Marble

Using Ruschita marble is critical for achieving your project's desired look, feel, and design. The wording is different, but it's the same idea. Furthermore, the variety of shapes, sizes, and textures is practically limitless. We can provide products of any shape, size, or finish, even the most precious and detailed works of art.

Ruschita marble can be used to create balanced design compositions while also providing a modern, inviting atmosphere. It can improve the attractiveness of any living space by reflecting sunlight in interiors, giving them individuality and complementing a design scheme's contemporary vibe. Because it is as robust and solid as granite, it has excellent physical and mechanical capabilities for friction resistance and polish maintenance, making it the ideal marble for exquisite floor designs. Like onyx, the distinctively coloured and veined Ruschita marble exhibits good translucency.

Living Room Bookmatched Stone, Make It a Focal One:

Living Room Bookmatched Stone

You can install your Bookmatched stone in your Living room behind your couch that grabs the attention of your guests. When installed, you can choose these marble book-matched stones that give you a luxurious look. Make your focus wall look unique and classic. Ruschita Slab perfectly fits into any living room. Christmas is near the corner, so make your festive even more special with our unique Bookmatched stones.

Where You'd Go for just a Book-matched Look, and What Material would You Choose?

Bookmatching creates the most beautiful symmetry in any room. We commonly book-match entire walls or floor tiles in bathrooms, but two walls in a shower can have an equally significant impact. Bookmatching is ideal for generating a continuous effect in kitchens, especially with wraparound kitchen islands and worktops that run into the wall/up into splashbacks.

The most popular book-matched material is natural marble. However, several engineered quartz firms also offer marble glance-in book matches.

Marble Worktop Maintenance

Marble Worktop Maintenance

Polishing powder and buffing pads can significantly restore and maintain the surface's polish. Wiping with warm water and a pH-neutral solution is recommended for promptly de-staining kitchen and bathroom worktops after spills of liquids such as red wine, oil, or intensely coloured food. Avoid slicing on the marble surface and use a cutting board, especially when dealing with acidic foods like lemon juice, which scratch the marble slabs.

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Marble Bookmatched Slabs

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