Sonic White H60 Marble Tile for Classic Makeover!

Sonic White H60 Marble Tile for Classic Makeover!

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Want a full-on Ivory Interior? Choose Sonic White H60 Marble Tile for all your Kitchen, Bathroom, Flooring, Wall decors, Backsplashes, Vanity tops, TV frames, Cladding, etc. In this article, you can get explicit wisdom about utilising this marble tile in the most profitable & special way! Kindly read it downright because we will give you some bonus tips on making the soundest use of your kitchen and bathroom worktops!

Learn all Deets about this Sonic White Marble Tile Specifications:

  • Sonic White H60 Marble Tile originated from Country Italy.

  • It features a plain ivory-based surface beautifully decorated with Thin Veins Pattern.

  • A polished finish type is used in this marble tile. A polished finish produces a shiny, virtually porous-free surface and is more resistant.

  • Compared to other materials with asymmetrical edges, this marble tile slab is precisely squared with a single work size and a thickness of 20 mm, making tiling simpler and quicker.

  • The length & Width of this Sonic White H60 Marble Tile is 600mm & 600mm.

  • Polished stones can be used as benchtops and cooking counters, interior floors, wall coverings, Kitchen Flooring, Bathroom Flooring, shower surroundings, Kitchen Splashbacks, living room walls, TV Frames, Vanity Tops, Table Tops, Bathroom Wall Cladding, etc.

Sonic White Marble Tile Flooring Ideas:

White Marble Tiles

Since ancient times, Marble has been favoured for construction work. Even today, people adore Marble's elegant and modern appearance, but the considerable expense of installing Marble prevents some house buyers from doing so. Due to their realistic appearance and affordable price, Sonic White H60 Marble tile is an excellent solution to this issue. This Marble Tile has a very long lifespan and has a shiny finish even after years of use.

Bathroom Flooring

Marble Tile is a durable stone used on any bathroom surface. It can cover the floor, countertops, sinks, and shower walls. Nevertheless, there are aspects of marble tiles that you need to consider based on where you plan to use them. For more visual appeal, combine various sizes and shapes. Sonic White H60 Marble tile can blend in with any other material, including wood, stainless steel, and other stones like quartz or granite, making it flexible. You can easily combine marble tile with porcelain or quartz with a marble-like appearance to reduce the expenditures, time, and energy required for care and upkeep.

Kitchen Flooring

Due to its greater resistance to cracking and breaking than other stones, Sonic White H60 Marble Tile flooring gives your kitchen more options in addition to its aesthetic appeal. This floor design, a variation of the checkerboard pattern, is among the most popular choices for kitchen floors. Also, You can try this extremely straightforward and simple kitchen floor design that will always be in style. Although it may seem bland, a floor made of plain ivory tile can make a bold design statement in a kitchen with the appropriate accessories.

Living Room Flooring

One of the busiest rooms in the home is the living room, which should be decorated with extreme care to create a calming, inviting, and refreshing setting. The long-lasting Sonic White Marble Tile adds beauty and value to your house without breaking your budget. The combination of casual and refined is perfectly balanced in this checkerboard living room design. Squares of Ivory and dark grey stone can be combined to create a magical look. Marble Tiles look unique and add a vivid sense of style that would benefit any living area.

Additionally, offers a selection of Tiles inspired by nature and can help you create your home exactly how you want. Various tile choices are available, including vitrified and ceramic tiles for the living room.

Does Sonic Marble Tile Wall Fit Well in Kitchen, Bathroom & Living Room?

Marble Wall Tile

Absolutely! Sonic White H60 Marble tile is the perfect option for the kitchen, bathroom, living room, and other rooms. The living area looks extravagant because of the rusty Ivory Plain appearance. The beauty of this marble tile is accentuated by the daylight coming through the windows, and at night, the lighting from the roof makes the tile shine. Your home can look more elegant with Ivory. Even though long-term colour maintenance can be challenging, particularly when kids are running around the house hurriedly, it is still the best option for opulent modern homes. It enhances the atmosphere and elevates the appearance of your home.

Would it be Unique if this Marble Tile were used in TV Frames?

Marble Tile

The walls on which we place our televisions, or "TV walls," inevitably become the centre of attention in space. It draws notice quite naturally because it is the wall we congregate around. A TV unit mounted on the wall is an accent that merits your notice. Therefore, avoid making it monotonous when doing so would be simple. This marble tile can transform your wall-mounted TV box into elegant artwork. This Ivory marble unit is stunning and centres the unit within the asymmetrical space. This striking design is complemented by off-white flooring and a spotless white side table.

Advantages of Ivory Coloured Marble Tiles; Make Your Home Interiors Exquisite Now!

Marble tile adds a touch of elegance and originality to any area it is installed in. It is a classic material that architects and interior designers worldwide have used for millennia to exude a sense of luxury. Marble tile is a flexible material used anywhere, including on monuments, sculptures, and opulent interiors. It can produce a classic, minimalistic look that can add elegance to any room. In addition to giving you the opulent appearance that is distinctive to Marble,'s extensive selection of marble-look tiles also adds the strength and longevity of tiles. This tile is non-porous, simple to keep, and resistant to stains.

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Where Can I Find the Ivory Marble Tiles of High Quality? Discover it on, All Over the UK

We offer the Most Popular Stones in an appealing array of diverse patterns, textures, colours, and sizes. Stones can be used in various unusual and interesting locations besides floors, walls, and work surfaces.

Any tile with ivory undertones will do, including those made of granite, Marble, porcelain, limestone, slate, travertine, dolomite, mosaic, etc. Purchase one Sonic White H60 Marble Tile from We have provided durable and simple-to-maintain tiles throughout the UK for many years. Additionally, give your tiles a stunning update by booking us immediately and receiving Guidance for marble tiled flooring, wall decoration, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers:

  • Does Marble Tile Flooring Work Well in Bathrooms?

Marble tile is durable and can be used on any bathroom surface. It can cover the floor, sinks, countertops, and shower walls.

  • Can We Cover the TV Frame with Marble Tiles?

To add depth and effect to your entertainment centre, you can use this Sonic White H60 Marble tile for the TV Case wall-mounting

  • Can I Use this Marble Tile on the Walls of My Living Room?

Yes. Sonic White Marble tile is perfect for wall finishes as a means to separate areas of a living room and to create unique art installations.

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