Terraced House in UK - Things You Need to Know

Terraced House in UK - Things You Need to Know

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One cannot deny the dominance of terraced house in the UK's urban housing landscape. These properties, defined by their adjoined side walls, offer a unique housing solution. Their clever design effectively optimises limited space, featuring slender yet towering structures that make the most out of compact city settings.

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What Do You Mean by Terraced House?

What Do You Mean by Terraced House

Terraced houses, also known as row houses, are a string of interconnected abodes that share similar physical features.

If your property is surrounded by adjoining homes on both sides, it falls under the mid-terrace category, whereas an end-of-terrace house stands at the edge, with only a single neighbour. Commonly found in bustling cities, these homes cater to the need for compact and budget-friendly residences. Compared to semi-detached or detached homes, terraced houses tend to have a smaller and narrower footprint.

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Boost Your Terrace's Appeal With These Tricks:

Boost Your Terrace's Appeal With These Tricks

Join us today and discover the breathtaking potential of your terrace. Just be ready for some serious neighbour jealousy! Gain inspiration and valuable tips from our experts to enhance your terrace with a stunning aesthetic

Transform the Exterior's Appearance:

Transform your home with a fresh coat of paint, revitalising its look and feel. Don't forget to also address any cracks or flaky finishes for a truly rejuvenated space!

Enhance Your Trim to Make the Most of It:

Consider painting the window and door trims of terrace houses in a contrasting colour to the facade for a charming touch. To achieve a timeless look, opt for a subtle hue like this lovely sage green, which beautifully accentuates the trims' inherent charm.

Bring Attention to the Charming Period Accents:

Bring Attention to the Charming Period Accents

To truly highlight the charming period features on the front of your terraced house, like those intricate door accents, it's worth giving them some extra attention. Consistently sticking to a cleaning and repainting routine, along with proper maintenance, will ensure they always make a lasting impression.

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  1. Ravina Sandstone Tiles

  2. Star Black Terrazzo

  3. Calacatta Oro Bookmatch Ceramic




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Don't Be Afraid to Use Bold, Vibrant Colours:

If you love the heritage of your home but are a little more modern in your tastes, just go for it with a bold colour choice! The dark grey here shouldn't really work, but it looks exceptional, as everything else has been kept simple.

Bring a Contemporary Update to the Appearance:

You have the opportunity to update your home's exterior without any restrictions, as long as it is not listed. Incorporating sleek, minimalistic bay windows, upgrading to energy-efficient windows, and choosing a unique colour scheme will undoubtedly capture plenty of interest.

Advantages of a Terraced House:

  • Energy-efficient Houses

These houses have the advantage of sharing walls with two neighbouring houses, allowing for the exchange of heat. This means less need for insulation and subsequently, a higher level of energy efficiency for the property.

  • Cost-effective

Terraced houses tend to have lower prices compared to semi-detached or detached houses, although the actual costs may differ depending on location. If you're concerned about the housing market and searching for your first home, a terraced house could be a cost-effective option to consider.

  • Inside Space

Although garden space may be scarce, these houses make up for it with ample interior space. This makes them highly appealing, especially for young couples looking to begin a family.

Disadvantages of a Terraced House:

  • Lack of Privacy

A lack of privacy is a frequent source of frustration among residents of these properties, as they were not initially constructed with noise reduction in mind. Additionally, the close proximity between you and your neighbours may result in a sense of reduced personal space within your own home.

  • Parking Issues

Parking can be a major issue, even for those with a residents' parking scheme in place. Living without a driveway means you may face difficulty finding a spot outside your home. And on a bustling street, parking options are likely to be scarce.

  • Renovation

Renovating this type of property may pose some challenges. Specifically, you must carefully consider how the renovations will impact your neighbours as well. However, it is possible to successfully renovate such a property.


Did you know that a terraced house is a budget-friendly option for those looking for a place to call home? However, while it may be a suitable choice for some, it could also come with its own set of challenges. With shared walls, noise can be a common issue, and maintaining privacy may be a concern. Additionally, expansion or renovation plans may require careful consideration as you navigate potential interruptions from your neighbours on both sides.




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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Why Are Terraced Houses Such a Hit in the UK?

Blame it on the population boom during the Industrial Revolution. As England's cities swelled with people seeking work, creative solutions were needed to provide housing. And that's when the concept of building large terraced houses came into play. These were not only practical in terms of accommodating more people, but also strategically located near places of employment, making them a perfect fit for those on lower income levels.

  • Which Type of House Reigns Supreme in the UK?

The answer may surprise you, as it appears that semi-detached houses hold the title. Found in pairs, these homes boast a unique layout that mirrors that of their neighbour. Indeed, the semi-detached style is the most widely owned residential option in the United Kingdom.

  • What is the Reason for the Lower Cost of End-of-terrace Houses?

These types of homes typically have a higher price tag compared to terraced houses due to their size and location, but they are still more affordable than semi-detached houses as they lack neighbours on one side

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