Top 7 Calacatta Boheme Quartzite Styles for White Homes

Top 7 Calacatta Boheme Quartzite Styles for White Homes

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Style Calacatta Boheme Quartzite soft stone for your grizzled interiors. This sophisticated white, half-white stone with seeable dark grey and brown veins pour grace into the entire home. Its sublime nature makes it the most adorable stone for kitchens, bathrooms, outdoors, indoors, upstands, backsplashes, countertops, dining tops, bedrooms, and other home premises.

Carefully toned for a polished, vintage finished surface to provide a lustre effect. Calacatta Boheme Quartzite is sumptuous with a hard, durable, porous, with little resistance to citrus and heat that comes in a feasible range. Get this stone in 20mm and 30mm thicknesses for perfect interiors.

So, here are the best clear-cut ideas to style your White Calacatta Boheme for your interiors and exteriors, which all highlight the Homes.

How to Style Calacatta for White Interiors?

How to Style Calacatta for White Interiors

White Calacatta Quartzite is the timeless hue that enriches any place with its radiant and brightening tint. If you are a fan of All-white interiors or a formal core, then Calacatta Boheme is the smart choice.

Quartzite can cope with any colours and blend in with them for picture-perfect homes. Especially this Calacatta White gives a divine elevation once installed on your floors, walls, kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and many other places. Its shimmering glare makes one awe-struck and hit differently under dutch lights.

Applying it to unique and unusual places, like claddings, porticos, rugs, sitting rooms, accent walls and attic bedrooms, is the people's recent craze. Never comprises on your boring rooms and give them bold revamps. Start working on your dream White interiors; Get a Free Quote now!!

Furniture that Goes Well with Boheme White Living Rooms

Furniture that Goes Well with Boheme White Living Rooms

What now? You Got the stone imposed on your interiors, floors, walls, and many other surfaces, But are completely blank about the accoutrements? Our experts say the most important key is going with noncomplicated, well-organized and strategically placed furniture.

That, too, with the furniture shade that is bold, vibrant or contrasting, goes well with calacatta White Living Rooms.

Putting a large, practically woven swing, beige cushions, woven chairs, and stools before the Calacatta feature wall is commendable.

Warm your rooms using earthy-toned vintage side tables, a wood fireplace, and copperish chairs or stools to enhance the White Quartzite front rooms.

Styling all white with one extra colour to compliment the Quartzite floors and walls, such as a churning white sofa and Quartzite floor with pear green carpets, pillows, and rugs on the entryways, is judicious; try giving your all-white home an astonishing personality.

Quartzite for Outdoor Countertops, Too Good to be True

Quartzite for Outdoor Countertops, Too Good to be True

One of the most important norms for Boheme Quartzite is that it is extremely durable, withstand harsh outdoor conditions, and shows little resistance to heat and moisture. These are amazing for outdoor White countertops, kitchen worktables, BBQ countertops, and feast tables; as the stones are UV and sunlight resistant, the damages caused by harsh conditions are extremely less. Yes, It is Too good to be true; try these stones on your outdoor countertops.

Calacatta White Kitchen, Spruce it Like Never Before

Calacatta White Kitchen, Spruce it like Never Before

White kitchens never go out of style, which is the most epic and sublime for modern, contemporary-styled themes. This Boheme White Quartzite stone can be styled in plenty of ways. However, this feasible stone can be styled with white kitchens and upstands efficiently.

Work on your modernized kitchen by adding Calacatta on worktables, countertops, and backsplashes, making the cleaning and maintenance effortless. Paint the white cabinets' knobs, borders and sides with scintillating copper, ivory or bronze colours for an industrialized kitchen effect. Spruce it up like never before, do it with us. Our vast Collections of Stone might add more elegance to your kitchens,

Decked-Up Boheme Quartzite Bedrooms with Curtains

Decked-Up Boheme Quartzite Bedrooms with Curtains

How dramatic it would be to have Boheme's white bedroom walls and floors lit by the natural sunlight piercing the transparent white curtains. Not just colours, but even the pattern of curtains will add different textures to this Calacatta quartzite bedroom. Here are a few curtain types that accord with it,

Black and white checker cotton curtains nearby the bedside is commendable.

Adding poppy colours like pink, yellow, green or blue will give the white quartzite bedrooms a retro-themed effect.

Style your bed boards with these cozy quartzite slabs with soft beige curtains that touch the big beige-bottomed ceramic vase with an indoor plant as soon as the breeze hits them.

Try adding this Boheme Quartzite for your bedrooms that got endless curtain possibilities to style with.

White Bathroom Ideas for Mediterranean-Styled Houses

White Bathroom Ideas for Mediterranean-Styled Houses

You can't simply ignore this important White Quartzite stone for your bathrooms. It gives a distinctive touch and adds grace to the bathrooms. Overall, Calacatta Quartzite is the best enduring vanity top, bathroom countertops, shower trays, back walls, and many other bathroom areas.

Azure white is perfect for Mediterranean-styled bathrooms, which are all about texture, palette, intricate patterns and definitions. Warm and earthly-toned rugs and carpets, with wooden towel hooks or hangers, add more sophistication to the Mediterranean-styled Bathroom.

Our Stones are Limitless, Yet We Don't Want You to Miss these Exotic Stones like Calacatta Boheme

Our Stones are Limitless, Yet We Don't Want You to Miss these Exotic Stones like Calacatta Boheme




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Indoor Plants for White Homes

Indoor Plants for White Homes

White is the most brilliant hue when it comes to vibrant interior decors; even though many plants can be decorated for white homes, here are the most favourite picks that can cohere with Calacatta Quartzite,

  • Succulents with beige ceramic bottoms.

  • Hanging copper base with a freshly pruned sedum.

  • Big earthy vase with a palm or Monstera plant that grows on the plank support placed on the carefully made Boheme Quartzite floor.

  • Areca palm and a species of prunus are beside the couch with a standing pendant light and a grizzled White Boheme Quartzite backdrop.

Make your white homes with a personality by installing this charming white quartzite for picture-perfect interiors. Make your dream come true interiors with; contact us at 03301135868 or send your inquiry to

Frequently Asked Q&A

  • What Colour is Calacatta?

Calacatta series are mostly bright and white, with a radiant surface. But also attuned to gold, grey, beige, and ivory colours with varied patterns and motifs.

  • How to Maintain the Quartzite Countertop?

Kitchen countertops made of quartzite require little upkeep. Always use a soft cloth and neutral cleaners to wipe the stains and creases. Avoid using abrasives or cleansers with acidic nature that can harm the countertop's work surface. Bleach and kinds of vinegar can potentially degrade the sealer, resulting in a loss of polish and stain susceptibility for your quartzite tabletop.

  • Why Does Everyone Want a White Kitchen?

White is an all-time favourite colour that never goes out of trend. In 2023 people have enquired more about white kitchens and bathrooms; they prefer radiant and bright interiors to poppy colours.

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