Trending Aquabella Quartzite Designs for 2023 & Beyond

Trending Aquabella Quartzite Designs for 2023 & Beyond

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Beautifully shimmering Aquabella Quartzite has subtle veining running through it. Despite being a traditional design element, its understated appearance gives any room a stunning twist. This Natural stone can be used for Counters, Sinks, Walls, & Floorings. The slab measurements are around the Length of 3200mm & Width of 1600mm and are available in 20mm and 30mm thicknesses. We provide both vintage and polished finishes. This Grey Quartzite stone originated in the country Brazil.

Enchanting Grey Quartzite Kitchen Worktop Design Ideas

Enchanting Grey Quartzite Kitchen Worktop Design Ideas

We all spend more time in the Kitchen now than ever to prepare, converse, eat, and unwind. Modern kitchen design is focused on producing a lovely living space and being set up for food preparation, cooking, and storage. The Kitchen is now the informal centre of the home.

The worktop you select is essential in designing a kitchen you'll enjoy. This Aquabella Quartzite is a work of timeless beauty that brings the outdoors inside your house. Your Kitchen will be completely distinctive to you thanks to this Quartzite Worktop. A magnificent natural stone called Aquabella Quartzite can add a unique touch to your Kitchen Worktops. It is a metamorphic rock that formed as sandstone and was transformed over thousands of years by the extreme heat and pressure of the Earth into this Quartzite.

Waterfall Edge Island

Waterfall Edge Island

Countertops with waterfall edges descend vertically down the sides instead of abruptly stopping at a cabinet or island's edge. It creates a continuous flow of the same substance to the flooring.

The waterfall island has a huge range of use cases. It can be used in almost any cooking layout you can think of. A modern kitchen would look fantastic with a waterfall worktop made of this sleek Grey Quartzite. You can design a waterfall countertop that enhances your Kitchen beautifully if you pick the correct material.

Breakfast Bar with Storage

A Breakfast Bar or countertop is an addition to your kitchen work surface that serves as a space for casual eating. The Aquabella Quartzite countertop gives the cooking area an opulent appearance. This material can extend the cooking area into a breakfast counter. The seating area can be adorned with flowers and fruits, while the practical side can be left unadorned. It can be built in various ways to add extra storage space and a seating area, and it works well with both open and closed kitchens. One of these breakfast nooks can immediately lift one's spirits and set the tone for the rest of the day.

Table Top Counters with Pendant Light:

Table Top Counters with Pendant Light

An eating area's appearance can be completely changed by adding the appropriate lighting. Pendant lights are particularly useful for breakfast countertop areas because they provide focused lighting for your food and enhance the area's aesthetics.

These lights come in various styles, allowing you to decorate the area however you like. Unadorned bulbs, glass pendants, drum shades, globe pendants, shades and lanterns, and linear cord pendants are lovely pendant lighting choices for a breakfast counter with storage. Choose this Quartzite to give your Kitchen an elegant, contemporary appearance. Ensure the pendant lights precisely frame the breakfast counter for a coordinated appearance.

Incorporating Aquabella Quartzite into Your Modern Bathroom Interiors:

Incorporating Aquabella Quartzite into Your Modern Bathroom Interiors

You've chosen to remodel your bathroom but are unsure where to start. One of the best improvements you can make is to replace the countertops in your bathroom with a modern and stylish product like this Aquabella Quartzite. You might also want to replace the vanity and the sink to complement your countertops. But aside from that, these straightforward adjustments can completely transform an old-fashioned bath. Why should you choose this quartzite bathroom countertop over others?

A naturally occurring type of igneous rock is Aquabella Quartzite. It is typically mined from mountainsides in big slabs for various decorative, manufacturing, construction, and architectural uses. It ranks among the strongest and most resilient materials for use in homes. Some of the Benefits of choosing this stone as your Bathroom countertop:

You can use this Quartzite for Bathroom Countertops, Bathroom Flooring, Bathtubs, Bathroom walls, Shower surrounds, Vanities, etc.

It is Unique

This Quartzite is a great material if you want to make a real statement in your house because this slab is unique. You are investing in gorgeous, naturally formed countertops that are each unique in their way because of the power of nature. This bathroom countertop made of Grey Quartzite is a distinctive stone choice for your house and will turn heads wherever it is installed.

Stronger than Most Materials is Quartzite

Stronger Than Most Materials Is Quartzite

As previously stated, this Quartzite is extremely strong and durable, and it shares many of the same characteristics and strengths as granite, which is practically indestructible. On the Mohs Hardness Scale, Grey Quartzite receives a 7 out of 10 for hardness. This stone is perfect for house installation in busy areas like the Kitchen and main bathrooms because it lives and develops under intense pressure beneath the Earth. This Quartzite stone is resistant to etching, warping, fading, and scratches.

It is Protected Against Sun Damage and Fading

It Is Protected Against Sun Damage and Fading

The Quartzite used in this construction is UV-resistant. So your bathroom countertops won't be harmed by the lovely sunlight that streams in every morning or has their lovely colour or design fade over time. This material has significantly lower porosity than other countertop options.

It will Complement the Style of Your Home

Quartzite is a remarkably versatile material that blends well with almost any house aesthetic. Aquabella Quartzite is a fantastic option to keep your bathroom's aesthetic more basic or minimal. Additionally, this makes it simpler to coordinate with other restroom features. Bathroom countertops made of Quartzite will continue to appear fresh and vibrant for many years.

Transforming Your Backyard with Grey Quartzite Pool Area:

Transforming Your Backyard with Grey Quartzite Pool Area

Many residents consider a Swimming Pool a luxurious purchase ideal for unwinding and relaxing. Quartzite is the best material for your outdoor living space and the building of your swimming pool due to its heat resistance. For the best of both worlds, integrate a customised Grey Quartzite Spa into your pool. You can either incorporate it into the pool or, like a raised spa, position it next to the pool so you can unwind while the kids splash around. Place a Quartzite stone-built fire hearth there for a modern look.

Check Out our Grey Collections for inspiration!

The Versatility of Aquabella Quartzite for Your Living Room Decor:

The Versatility of Aquabella Quartzite for Your Living Room Decor

You should enjoy spending time with your loved ones and friends in your living area. Because you spend a lot of time here, it must be practical and welcoming. Your sitting room can be transformed into a comfortable space that fits your lifestyle using Aquabella Quartzite. Here are some creative suggestions for using Aquabella Quartzite to decorate your living area.

  • Your sitting room's flooring should be long-lasting and maintain its appearance over time. This Natural stone is durable, lovely, and simple to keep that will best complement the decor of your living room. This Quartzite stone will add a touch of class to your living area.

  • This Quartzite stone blends simplicity and durability when used as interior wall decor. This material can add a natural and inviting feel to your living space. With indirect lighting, you can enhance the texture of this natural stone. To make the design more dramatic and suitable for small living rooms, decorate only half of the wall with this stone and paint the other half.

  • Your living room's guest main character will be the Aquabella Quartzite fireplace. Consider building a tall fireplace in this stone to serve as the room's main point. The living room's traditional focal point, the hearth, transforms it into a comfortable retreat.

Why Should You Use Grey Quartzite in Your Commercial Kitchen?

A commercial kitchen is a kitchen that is used for commercial purposes, such as restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and other food service businesses. A commercial kitchen must meet strict health and safety standards and have the necessary equipment and appliances to meet the demands of a busy kitchen.

Grey Quartzite is a popular choice for commercial kitchen countertops because it is durable, stain-resistant, and easy to clean. Quartzite is a beautiful stone that adds a touch of elegance to any kitchen. Suppose you're looking for a stylish modern commercial kitchen that will make a great impression on your clients. This stone offers a sleek and contemporary look that will grab attention. Plus, it's extremely durable and easy to maintain, making it a wise investment for any business.

Check Out Some of Our Grey Quartzite Stone Collections:

Check Out Some of Our Grey Quartzite Stone Collections

Whether you're looking to update your current Kitchen or build a new one from scratch, This Grey Quartzite is a trend you don't want to miss.




London Grey Quartzite is a dark silver grey quartzite that is mined in Brazil. Countertops, interior and exterior window sills, mosaic, staircase, fireplaces, wash basins, wall cladding, and other design projects benefit greatly from this stone. It is also known… read more


Integrating your interiors with your vibe is the key to modern house decor. You can create your dream residence however you want as a homeowner! That covers Living Room Decorations, Commercial areas, focal walls, Kitchens are modular, cosy bathrooms, etc. But what if your style doesn't support the functional and storage requirements of the space? When that happens, you can think of brilliant, appealing concepts to address both issues. Contact us now to learn more about this material and how we can use it to create a one-of-a-kind kitchen for your business. Call us at 03301135868 or email

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can I Use this Quartzite for a Pool Deck?

Aquabella Quartzite is the ideal choice if you're searching for Pool Decks ideas. The best part is an anti-slip material with less heat absorption, so the surface doesn't heat up. It is a natural stone material with a sophisticated appearance, amazing durability, and ease of maintenance.

  • How Do You Clean this Quartzite on the Bath Floor?

We advise using a non-acidic, low-pH cleanser like mild soap and water or readily available stone-specific cleansers. You can Get help from our experts also. Please Chat With Us

  • Should I Install a Breakfast Table in My Kitchen?

A breakfast bar can make your home a wonderful addition and create a more relaxed dining area if your family is busy. They are an excellent option in small kitchens where it is impractical to have a separate dining area or even a small kitchen table and chairs.

  • Can this Stone be Used to Create a Waterfall Edge?

Natural stone, particularly Quartzite or marble, is usually used to create waterfall countertops, but wood, concrete, and other man-made materials can also be used. However, natural stone is strongly advised, particularly Aquabella Quartzite.

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