White Macaubas Sensa; Timesless Accent for Your Home

White Macaubas Sensa; Timesless Accent for Your Home

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White Macaubas Sensa is white with thin gray and black veins running parallel to its ivory backdrop. Both residential and commercial settings can benefit from its stunning finish. In addition to kitchens, bathrooms, entryways, laundry rooms, and mudrooms, it can also be used in a variety of other rooms in residential and commercial properties. Sensa surfaces make timeless statements that can be used in both traditional and modern design styles. It is extremely versatile and easy to maintain, and in terms of longevity and style, it will endure the test of time.

Kitchen countertops, kitchen islands, windowsills, upstands, bathroom vanities, sinks, shower trays, and splashbacks in both the kitchen and the bathroom, office desks, bar stools, reception worktops, airport stairs, walls, floors, and so on are all examples of applications.




White Macaubas Sensa has an ivory coloured backdrop that features thin grey and black veins that run in a parallel manner. It is given a dazzling finish that makes a perfect addition in both residential and commercial settings. It is… read more


Some of the Specification of these Sensa Surfaces:

Sensa Surfaces

Macaubas Quartzite is a metaphorical white rock. White serves as the background, with decor choices rather than solely from taupe to grey. The colour of the stone can vary depending on the mineral content.

White quartzite stones from Macaubas are available in two different thicknesses: 2 cm and 3 cm. A polished finish is visible since many people would prefer this stone to be shiny as possible.

Because quartzite white macaubas is a highly durable and appealing stone, it is used in a wide range of applications. Interior applications like kitchen counters or white bathrooms, as well as exterior applications like outdoor pool walls, all are feasible and highly satisfying.

What can White Sensa Focus on Providing?

White Sensa

Sensa White Macaubas is a natural surface that has been treated with a high-quality sealant that provides long-lasting performance. Sensa White Macaubas have been made from stones sourced from all over the world, and they provide a dependable and gorgeously finished surface. Because natural stones have unique properties, each slab is unique, lending an authentic feel to any surface.

Sensa White Macaubas is accessible in a mirage (polished) finish, making it ideal for luxury kitchens and workspaces. All Sensa items are available in thicknesses of 20mm and 30mm. Slab sizes will vary according to stock availability.

Styling Macaubas Kitchen - The New Look:

Macaubas Kitchen

Macaubas Quartzite has a crisp, clean appearance that stands out best in contrasting colors or bright white settings. White, dark espresso, and grey are some coordinating cabinet, paint, and tile colours. For a unified appearance, Macaubas Quartzite is a wonderful stone to reserve match on a tile backsplash.

This stone looks great with a metallic finish. Appliances in stainless steel, polished, or brushed silver fixtures. This design works particularly very well with linear design elements, such as modern hardware, which reflect the stones' unique veining.

White Macaubas Sensa has a wide range of applications. A kitchen island with a waterfall becomes an amazing focal point. It depicts the truthful movement of veining in the stone from counter to floor.

Macaubas Sensa for Your Indoor Applications

If you intend to use White Macauba Sensa, the kitchen will be the initial and, most likely, the best place to put your plan into action. Macaubas is an excellent worktop or backsplash material because it is both durable and beautiful.

White Macaubas Sensa Kitchen Countertops look great with white or very dark cabinets. In addition, Macaubas walls and Vanity Tops in bathrooms are indeed very attractive. The stone will complement dark wood cabinets or shelves perfectly.

Check out Some of the Varieties of Sensa Stones:

Sensa Stones

Take a look at our sensa stones now!




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