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Why are there only nine types of products allowed to update?

Do you think sellers, buyers and visitors adding tag becomes or turns out anonymous?

Is there a specific format for remnants types to be described or uploaded?

How to upload stones?

What Is category?

How do you think this format of seller upload help the sellers?

Why do I register ?

How to sell ?

Why does the tag column to be left empty?

What is unique Id?

How do you think this format of seller upload help the buyers?

Are you VAT registered ?

Who can benefit on

Do you share our details ?

How will help Architects & Designers

How this work for me as buyer ?

How this work for me as seller ?

Where do we serve?

SPU is benefits for all according to their needs?

What product i can sell?

Where are you located ?

What is meant by remnants ?

Who can buy from

How will this help landlords?

How do you think this format of seller upload help You?

Does your technical team support sellers in uploading or creating this SPU format?

Is it mandatory for sellers upload products only in this format?

Do the remnants types have unique Id?

Can the remnants be described and uploaded like other products?

Don’t you think unique id makes it difficult for buyers to identify products?

Who can advertise?

Is the Unique id created by sellers or by Worktops?

Can i hold a product?

If a main product has/ needs a unique Id why do the variants needs separate unique ids?

Do sellers get to update their products everyday? Or how frequent are their updates?

Is there any maximum length set for product description?

How to buy?

How to request a quote on product

How to search product

How long before my order is shipped/arrives?

How to make payment ?

How to register ?

Can I register with my personal information?

How much charge?

Are there any charges applied on Credit cards?

Do I have to pay for advertisements?