Guide for your Kitchen splashback

Guide for your Kitchen splashback

Kevin Moses

Before you begin self installing your backsplashes, please keep in mind that some of the Premium Acrylic or Premium Glass Splashbacks available on the market cannot be cut. If you need it in specific Kitchen splashback sizes, please notify the supplying agency before purchasing and installing glass Kitchen splashback. They can be made to measure Guide for your Kitchen splashback for kitchens. Other things to consider are listed below:

  • To avoid damage to your acrylic Kitchen splashback uk, do not install acrylic panels behind a gas hob and keep a 60mm distance from electric or induction hobs. Hope this answers your query like how to fit a Kitchen splashback behind cooker or how to fit Kitchen splashback in general.
  • In cases where there is a direct heat source present, such as a gas stove or hob, it is recommended to have glass Kitchen splashback uk instead of acrylic.


    • The acrylic cooker splashback will mildly expand and contract due to temperature variations in kitchens, so a gap of 2 mm should always be maintained during their installation in order to allow free movement and prevent collision. 
    • If you plan on storing your worktop Kitchen splashback for an extended period of time, avoid storing it outdoors or in extreme temperatures, as this can end up causing the panel to deform or disrupt. Ensure that your worktop splashback or sink splashbacks are positioned horizontally.
    • Make sure that the wall or surface beneath the kitchen glass Kitchen splashback uk is sealed and completely non-porous, and that any boarding panels are also sealed.
    • If you have glass tiles and splashbacks are to be installed on top of the existing tiling, make sure that the tiles are fixed well and not loose or ruptured since this can lead to the backsplash failing to adhere correctly to the wall, and the final outcome will be distorted, messy and unsatisfactory.

      • When installing your splashback, choose a low modulus silicone splashback glue or a specific adhesive for glass splashback and wait at least 24 hours for the silicone to fix before continuing with your backsplash project.

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