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Did You Renovat your Bathroom ideas?

Kevin Moses

Our bathroom idea play such an important role in our life that we forget how helpful they are. Taking a shower, shampooing our hair, a soothing hot water bath, and obviously emptying our bowels; we literally start our day in the bathroom. Not to forget, a good bathroom hour is where...

Glass splashback colours

Andrew Dibble

One advantage of a Glass splashback colours is that you are not limited to the choices. There are innumerable options of aesthetics and colour choices if you are looking for glass kitchen splashbacks. You’ll get everything from monocolours to customised printed designs.  If you are looking to give your kitchen...

Guide for your Kitchen splashback

Kevin Moses

Before you begin self installing your backsplashes, please keep in mind that some of the Premium Acrylic or Premium Glass Splashbacks available on the market cannot be cut. If you need it in specific Kitchen splashback sizes, please notify the supplying agency before purchasing and installing glass Kitchen splashback. They...

Kitchen Splashbacks

Joel Nguyen

A kitchen splashback is an easily wipeable screen that is installed on the kitchen wall, usually behind the cooking hob to shield it from brutal stains of grease, water, and other cooking messes. It also protects the wall from damage by heat and condensation. Splashbacks are primarily aimed to safeguard...