Kitchen Splashbacks

Kitchen Splashbacks

Joel Nguyen

A kitchen splashback is an easily wipeable screen that is installed on the kitchen wall, usually behind the cooking hob to shield it from brutal stains of grease, water, and other cooking messes. It also protects the wall from damage by heat and condensation.

Splashbacks are primarily aimed to safeguard walls from blemishes and marks caused by cooking, but they can also be used to add a distinctive colour accent to make a kitchen attractive. Kitchen splashbacks give a lot of advantages like they are durable, they make regular kitchen cleaning easy and less time consuming, prevent microbial growth and thus keep spaces hygienic. For these reasons, they are widely used residentially as well as commercially. Colours, materials, and sizes are available in a lot of variety to compliment any new or existing theme.


There are plenty of choices available for kitchen splashback designs: stone splashback, antique mirrored splashback, bespoke stainless steel splashback, marble effect glass splashback, ceramic splashback, etc. In fact, within the stone choices also, you have quite a lot to pick from like quartz splashbacks with marble effect, marble splashbacks, granite splashbacks, travertine splashbacks, porcelain tiles, etc. Caesarstone and Essastone are quite sought after amongst homeowners in recent years, within the quartz stone splashback categories. With advancing technology, there are innumerous modern kitchen splashback ideas that keep on getting updated.

Sink Splashbacks

When we think of a backsplash or splashback, it is quite obvious that a cooking zone will come to our minds because of the splashes of oils and various other brutal stains from cooking and preparation. But a kitchen sink area also benefits from having a splashback.The primary role of a backsplash in all cases is functional. In case of the sink, it safeguards the wall from moisture attack caused by unintended splashing. 

By not installing a splashback, you are risking having to replace kitchen walls over time, as heat from your stovetop and splashes from your taps will deteriorate your plasterboard over time.

Acrylic kitchen splashback

Acrylic kitchen splashbacks have recently been able to establish itself as a good alternative to tiles and glass. They are less expensive - especially when compared to antique glass splashbacks, which look very similar. Acrylic splashback cut to size is readily available in the markets, both online and offline in a wide range of colours to match your needs. They are significantly large splashbacks that are customised and cut to your exact measurements, such that one a single sheet of acrylic can be used for one splashback behind hob. 

One of the most popped up questions regarding acrylic splashback problems is Can I install my acrylic splashbacks behind the hob?

Acrylic splashbacks for kitchens can be installed behind hobs, but a safe distance must be maintained. A ceramic hob must have a minimum gap of 60mm between its outside edge and the wall. Gas hobs must be separated by at least 200mm. If you are looking for a much safer alternative, a bespoke stainless steel splashback is what you need.

Pros and cons of an Acrylic Splashback Kitchen 

                    PROS                           CONS
  • Budget-friendly
  • Much durable than alternatives
  • Drastically lighter 
  • Greater resistance to impact 
  • Can be modified post installation
  • Low maintenance 


  • Chances of getting scratched
  • Must not be too close to heat 
  • Cheap splashbacks might crack with time 

Maintaining a kitchen splashback

Different kitchen splashback materials will necessitate varying degrees of care, but a general cleanup can be followed for all. General cleanup includes wiping with a moist sponge and a pH neutral household cleaning solution.

Splashbacks may be scratchable depending on the specific material of choice and its manufacturing process. While most scratches can be cleaned out, screening samples before purchasing to confirm that the material you're considering is suitable enough for your needs is worth conducting.