Let’s create a green kitchen

Let’s create a green kitchen

Nguyen Nham

Do not want to belong to the crowd? Go green kitchen with the naturals.

Irony aside, here we talk a little about green kitchen stones and how to incorporate them in our kitchens. 

Let’s create some options for you

Green Kitchen Granite

If you’re on the lookout for a stone acclaimed for its durability and firmness, green granite kitchen is an unbeatable choice. These variants of granite are less common than the typical choices like grey, ivory, brown or black, but that doesn’t mean they are any less gorgeous. The presence of certain minerals and their non-uniform distribution, which appear as veins, can create striking tones and dramatic designs. Granite in general is greatly durable, resistant in terms of cracks and scratches and can withstand heat to an amazing level. All these features make it a commendable choice for use in kitchens as backsplashes, kitchen worktops, flooring, etc where regular activities revolve around dealing with heat, knives, heavy appliances, etc. Green granites kitchen come in various ranges of shades from deeper tones to paler ones. Emerald Pearl Granite is among one such, gorgeous, dark variant that owes its colouration to the presence of green kitchen  feldspar. This material, originally sourced from Norway, is a stunning piece with a distribution of black veining running across the green background. Cosmos Green kitchen, sourced from India, contains royal gold and emerald that appear as flurries spread over charcoal grey and white. 

Green granite worktops

Rainforest Green Kitchen Marble

This green kitchen marble, mined in India, features colours that are common in rainforests, such as black, green, and brown, as may be deduced from its name. It features a dark surface with various green kitchen tones visible in both dark and bright hues. The surface sometimes exhibits veining patterns in brown tones blended with it. The slab is an almost accurate visual representation of vigorous vegetative undergrowth. They are generally used for wall coverings, flooring, bathroom and kitchen countertops, bathtubs, sinks, work-tops etc in homes and commercial buildings, but may also be used for mosaic and fountain creations, pool coping, ornament creations, and a variety of other unique design projects. They are therefore suitable for both interior and exterior applications. Wherever used, this earthy touch of nature never fails to upgrade the space with its breath-taking beauty.

Synonymous names: Bidasar Green Marble, Fancy Green Marble, Green Glory Marble, Green kitchen Multicolour Marble, Mirage Green Marble, Picasso Green Marble, Radhika Green kitchen Marble, Splendore Serata Marble, etc. These are different names for the Rainforest Green Marble in the market, which can be available in different finishes like polished, honed and leathered. 

Special note: This particular marble is gorgeous when book-matched. Book-matched panels enhance the aesthetic appeal and are a sign of high craftsmanship. It may be one of the greatest solutions for those who want their spaces to mirror the beauty of nature.

Baltic Green kitchen Granite

The Baltic Green granite with its contrasting colour palette can create a statement element without being overly flamboyant or overwhelming the entire area. It can make a unique contribution to any modern-day home with its intriguing design and sturdy structure.This marvellous worktop will easily complement several current interior styles and kitchen accessories, providing the perfect blend of eye-catching design and understated sophistication. It is easy to keep clean to retain its gleaming polished surface, making it a stunning alternative to many plainer types. 

It can be available in a variety of finishes like gloss polish, honed, leather, antique, flamed, brushed, and sandblast finishes.

Uses: suitable for commercial as well as domestic construction projects, kitchen worktops, interior flooring, backsplashes, breakfast bars, fire hearths, and pavings.

Turtle green kitchen granite

Standing true to their names, these granites represent the patterns on the back of a turtle shell. Sprinkle the touch of uniqueness in your homes by incorporating this abstract piece of art into your items of furniture and floors. The visible wavy pattern is called cross-bedding, and it's caused by the water stream that moved the sand grains along during the formation process of the slab. 

 This stone is especially good for green kitchen worktops, monuments, mosaic, exterior - interior wall and floor applications, fountains, pools and other design projects. 

It can be available in a variety of finishes like Polished, Sanded, Sandblasted, and Tumbled.

Synonymous Names: Glacier Eyes, Turtle Green Granite, Verde Tortuga Granite, Tartaruga Granite.

Welsh Green kitchen Slate

If you are looking for something outside the kitchen, this information should come in handy.  Slate can be used for a variety of things, including snooker tables, roofing for traditional buildings, gravestones, flooring, and garden decorations.

Is it expensive?

Generally, the answer is a yes, but Work-tops aims to give the best prices possible for their customers. Do check out our Savernake Green slate too. 

What more can we do?

Play with the pink; go quirky

No matter how bizarre the combination may sound to people, it can actually, birth a very lively environment. For contemporary style kitchens, combine deeper green and dusky pink, and for the vintage ones, pale green with pale pink. Go pink with the walls, choose subtle green kitchen work-tops and pair it up with matte deep-green kitchen cabinets & drawers. This is just one possibility, one can bring several combinations to life by playing with different shades of each colour. 

Marbleous combination

Green granite

If you feel like your love for the darker green kitchen is making the room gloomy, we have a solution for you. Pick a white marble worktop with a polished finish, without any second thought. They make the room luminous as well as sophisticated. If this sounds impractical to you, do not compromise on your love yet, we have cheap worktops as an option too. Look for marble effect worktops online, and you will not be disappointed. 

Welcome peace with sage green kitchen

This soothing and uplifting colour tone can be incorporated into your kitchen for a fresh and organic look. Combine this cool effect with a light wooden touch on your cabinets and floors. White splashback and breakfast bar worktop will bring even more magic to this idea. 

Wooden magic

If you are opting for work-tops in the lightest-green tone, you can add depth and character to your kitchen space with darker toned woods in your cabinets, drawers and probably every piece of furniture. They look even more splendid if you have an open kitchen plan or tall ceilings. Synchronise all the taps, handles, door hinges and alike with accents of gold. 

Match various kitchen elements

Use one colour of green for the worktops, kitchen island, and tables. For walls and floors, pick another stunning colour that can create a contrast. Pick the same for the cabinets and drawers, but in a lighter shade. Avoid picking multicolour chairs and lighting appliances, instead, metallic accents should do wonders. Incorporate clean-white flower pots in your space. You are all set to breathe in this new magic. 

Take this as a green light, book your favourite green kitchen worktops.