What do you think, are pink stones even available? 

What do you think, are pink stones even available? 

Kristi Barbosky

When you talk of Pink, what strikes your mind? I think of bubble gums and cotton candies and they sound all joyful and sweet to me.

Shall we try inviting this playful colour to our kitchens? Come on, white kitchens are too cliche, let’s go pink.

Chillagoe Pink Marble

The subtle pink of this marble makes it look so pleasant and pure that any place you wish to incorporate it, be it a breakfast bar in a modern living area or your traditional marble kitchen, it will radiate atmospheric vibrations of tranquillity and peace. Not even exaggerating, it will make the space look synonymous with perfect like nothing could ever go wrong. The artistic beauty of this stone fetches it a very great ornamental value. When you combine it with the greatest craftsmanship, you will be unable to take your gaze and hands away from your spaces.

How is this raw material geologically formed?

It dates back to ancient times when the molten lava from volcanic eruptions made its way through the layers of limestone, reaching in between its composition, all the way to reach the surface. As a result of outrageous heat, the calcium carbonate within the limestone got molten and then recrystallised to form marble. Although pure calcium carbonate is white, the original limestone contains many other minerals that give the newly formed marble its distinctive streaks and patterns. The pink and cream hues of Chillagoe Marble are attained as a result of iron oxidation.

Stone Type: Marble

Colours Exhibited: Pink and white

Place of Origin: Australia

Water Absorption:0.08 %

Density:2670 kg/m3

Flexural Strength:1.81 Mpa

Compressive Strength:36.9 Mpa

Suggested Uses: Kitchen top, bathroom worktops, backsplashes, breakfast countertops, kitchen islands, walling, bedroom and kitchen flooring, ornamental uses, hallways, architectural panels, window sills, stairs, decorative uses, lounges for commercial as well as residential places, airport terminals, etc

Finishes available: polished, honed, bush-hammered and aged.

Synonymous Names: Queensland Pink, Pink Crystal, Verena Pink

Breccia Oniciata Pink Marble 

Oniciata pink is a refined Italian hue. Pink in this marble emerges in patches in the midst of the white. This marble is popularly picked by homeowners for kitchen worktops UK, vanity and cabinetry, stair skirtings, steps, and risers. Columns, bollards, mosaic designs, and borders can all be created. It could be used as a pavement stone or window sill. Because they help so much with interior decoration, they also create great floors and wall facades. One can easily get them polished to achieve a smooth surface that makes great reflective surfaces for breakfast bar ideas for a living room.

Stone Type: Marble

Colour Exhibited: Pink, white, light orange

Place of Origin: Italy

Water Absorption:0.43 %

Density:2715 kg/m³

Flexural Strength:126 Kg/cm2

Compressive Strength:1230 Kg/cm2

Suggested Uses: Kitchen worktops, kitchen islands, kitchen sink unit, backsplashes, bathroom worktops, window sills, building stone, monuments, pool coping, ornamental stone, wall cladding, flooring, paving, etc

Finishes available: Polished, Honed, Sandblasted, Aged, Sawn Cut, Sanded, Rock faced, Bush-hammered, Tumbled

Synonymous Names: Hyatt Red Marble, Breccia Oniciata Pink Marble, Breccia Oniciata Rosa Marble, Breccia Oniciata Rosso Marble, Brescia Oniciata Marble, Brecchia Onicata Marble, Marmol Breccia Onicata, Breccia Oniciata Rosata Marble, Breccia Oniciato Marble, Breche Oniciata Marble,Brechia Oniciata Marble, Breccia Oniciata Rosato Marble

Almond pink granite

Almond Pink is a basic granite that can brighten up any environment with its dazzling tones. The surface of this stone appears glittery as a result of a mixture of white quartz crystals with random speckles of light salmon pink, beige, burgundy, and black pebbles. One can consider mixing this material in a white kitchen to create a happy atmosphere. If you are somebody who likes to tone things down, you can pair it up with medium brown cabinets. There are unlimited options a pink can create. It goes with almost everything to create a different personality. If your project requires a stone with permanence, enduring texture and colour, as well as complete freedom from deterioration and maintenance, granite is an excellent choice as it shows high resistance to heat, scratches, acid, and staining.

Stone Type: Granite

Colours Exhibited: Pink, White, Beige, and Black

Place of Origin: China

Water Absorption: 0.15 to 0.4%

Pattern: Random Spots

Suggested Uses: Kitchen Countertops, kitchen cabinets, kitchen worktops, backsplashes, walling, flooring. Since this material is resistant to biological risks like mould and mildew, it makes an extremely hygienic surface, thus also being an excellent choice for medical centres.

Finishes available: polished, sandblasted, flamed and honed granite

Synonymous Names: Lady Pink Granite, G636 granite, Light Pink, and Padang Rosa

Rosa salmon marble

As the name suggests, Rosa Salmon is a pinkish marble, it features smoky veins and dazzling grains. When it comes to designing a space for your home that has a magnificent feature, you will want to achieve a timeless look rather than something that is a short term trend. This natural stone is exactly that. You will fall in love with the colour, veins and intricate detail of Rosa Salmon Marble. It is so appealing that through the right hands it can be created to be the primary focus of one’s design. It can be used for anything from interiors to exteriors, whether you want it for your fireplace or kitchen worktops. This is not just a one-of-a-kind design, but it is also a wise choice for a fireplace. Since marble is a durable natural stone, it is both heat resistant and easy to maintain when used as a fireplace surround. It has a vintage and timeless appearance and feels that will last for generations.

Stone Type: Marble

Colours Exhibited: Pinkish orange, faint blue

Origin: China

Water Absorption: 0.17%

Suggested Uses: Kitchen worktops, countertops, backsplashes, window sills, monuments, mosaic, fountains, pool and wall capping, stairs, wall cladding, bathroom worktops, shower, etc and other design projects

Finishes available: Polished, Sawn Cut, Sanded, Rock faced, Sandblasted, Tumbled.

Synonymous Names: Rosa Salmon China, MD-M128, Rosa Salmon Pink, Rosa Salmon Marble, Rosa Salmon Pink Marble, Mexico Rosa Salmon Marble


Hop on the trend with Pink

Pink kitchens and bathrooms were among the top design trends in 2020, with eye-catching styles dominating our social media feeds. There has to be something special about it that got all the hype. Could it be because pink feels so lively and playful or is it because people were tired of being from the same flock? It could be any of these or none of it too, but it can for sure complement almost any colour it is paired up with. You blend it with black or dark grey kitchen, it creates a macho, intimidating tone. Combine it with green or blue, you get something spicy, vibrant, and dynamic. You pair it up with woods, you successfully tone down the look. Pink is one such hue that will never fail to amaze you. If you think Pink is too feminine for a colour, let me tell you, gender is just a construct. Colours are not biased, humans made it sound so. So, pick your pink and smash the norms.