Assisting you with your kitchen sink unit purchase

Assisting you with your kitchen sink unit purchase

James Brown

A regularly engaged space like a kitchen that often results in preparation messes is never fully complete without a cleaning area. So, what exactly is this irreplaceable element? A sink. To not be confused with a basin that is used commonly in a washroom, although both words are often interchangeably spoken, a kitchen sink unit is a concave vessel used for cleaning all the filths arising during and after cooking chores.


From washing vegetables before meal preparations to cleaning extremely greasy containers after dining, and everything else in between, a sink goes through a lot of torments. Taking into consideration these factors it must be multifunctional.


The basic components of an ideal kitchen sink are:

Faucet; with facilities to provide both hot and cold water through separate outlets.

Controls; to regulate switching on and off of water flow.

Basin; it’s the vessel that holds water coming from the faucet.

Drain; bottom of a sink bowl must have drainage holes for the water to flow out of the basin.

Other additional features like a second bowl and tray with drainers grooves can also be commonly seen. 

Material Options

Your purchase of a sink in this present day will not be limited to just conventional stainless-steel options. Among a wide range of options available in the market, let’s tell you about some popular choices of materials homeowners pick.


Ceramic: Prepared with the skills of talented craftsmen under high attention, this handcrafted material can be available with detailed designs that have the potential to make it an impressive centrepiece amidst your worktops and other elements of a kitchen. Since they are made from premium fireclay, they are sustainable and will be resistant to stains and scratches. They are constructed to result in a flawless, non-porous surface that makes them a hygienic choice, which is a vital point taken into consideration while purchasing. It makes it easier for cleaning during and after the food preparation. These minute detailing given under close supervision during the manufacturing process along with the natural resilience of the material used make them resistant, long-lasting and durable, thus regarding them as a popular choice amongst homeowners. It can be popularly seen in traditional style kitchens.

Stainless steel: For those on a budget continuously scavenging kitchen sinks for sale, this is the best option. They are lightweight and thin but still durable considering the price range they come in. One can match this neutral appearance with almost anything from white to the black kitchen. Choosing taps and appliances that go along with it will help you get a sleek look, for both classics as well as modern styles. 

Composite: For homeowners that are enthusiastic about cooking and even commercial purpose kitchens that are constantly in use, these composite sinks are a good choice to go to. That is because they are manufactured with a combination of sturdy compounds like quartz and acrylic so that these fixtures can be resilient to high temperatures, which makes them durable. Along with these, they are even resistant to stains, scratches, chips, cracks and chemical damages. They are pretty similar looking to natural stones but are thinner and lightweight and also much cheaper, making these models an extremely feasible option.

Natural stones: They are slowly and steadily making their way up to the markets for things used in a modern style house. Although they have already become a popular choice for kitchen and bathroom work-tops by now, people are yet to accept them wholeheartedly for sink units. Like anything else, natural stones also come with pros and cons during their installment. Since they are a result of extreme temperature and pressure under the earth’s crust, they are naturally gorgeous. Rather than having a monotonous colour distribution, the stones have different patterns throughout, such that no two stones look similar. So, for people that are fascinated by abstract arts, this will be a good investment. Besides physical appearance, they are also extremely durable. Destructive factors like insects & pests, extreme temperatures both hot and cold, humidity and rust will not be able to affect it. Perfect sealing will ensure that this remains in your cookhouse along with your best kitchen worktops for decades.

They are sourced from nature and given a lot of treatments for their susceptibility to chopping, cutting, etc before being seen as a final tempting product. Extreme care must be given while sourcing the material from nature to maintain its originality. Due to these reasons along with resistance to damaging environments and ravishing appearance, they become pretty expensive as compared to other kitchen sink units like ceramic and steel. 

Secondly, they are gigantic stones with compact density which makes them very heavy material. So, before installing them proper backup support must be ensured to avoid traumatic accidents and losses. 

If your purchase is a part of a complete kitchen makeover, we have a wide range of materials for your countertops and flooring you might be interested in.

Different sink mounting types with what pros and cons they bring along

  1. Top Mount Sink; also called drop-in sinks, are the most common choice amongst homeowners.


Can be DIY-ed

Easy installation

Affordable price

Easy maintenance and cleaning

Compatible with all kinds of work-tops


Dirt gets collected on the rim

Risk of bacterial contamination

Water and debris don’t flow into the basin area easily

  1. Undermount Sink; these are installed in such a way that they attach completely under the kitchen worktops, giving them an elegant finish. Only non-porous materials are to be used for this type of design to prohibit water seepage that could lead to damage from dampness.


Better quality

Easier to clean

Elegant appearance

Easy flow of water and debris from the counter into the sink


More expensive

Limited size options

Faucets can’t be attached to it

Risk of bacterial contamination

Requires professional help for installation

Not compatible with all kinds of work-tops

  1. Farmhouse Sink; also referred to as apron sinks, have deep-cut basin bowls exposed on the front side.


Deep bowls

Spacious area 

Appealing design

Appropriate for heavy appliances 

Compatible with more kinds of worktops


Expensive installation

Professional help required

Although it is one’s personal choice what kind of sink they want to purchase, factors like space available in the kitchen worktop and budget in hand are to be taken into consideration. To break it down for you, purchasing them along with installation might be as low as £300 for stainless steel material and may even come near £ 20,000 for customised natural stone materials. For ready-made options, delivery time from order to installation will take about 10 days and for special and customised orders it might take a month and a half, where about roughly 40 days is dedicated to preparation, and the rest includes transport and installation time. 

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