Is kitchen renovation an achievable dream for everybody?

Is kitchen renovation an achievable dream for everybody?

Camila Alvarez

Is kitchen renovation an achievable dream for everybody?

If everything from our wardrobe to personality can get upgraded with time, so can our kitchens and kitchen worktops

But is it as simple as buying a new dress? Obviously not, right? We might take months, planning to get it done but would never be impulsive with it. 


Kitchens are the centres of our homes. Every member of our family and even those outside of it; our friends, relatives and guests, all are connected with us, through our kitchens. We welcome them with something from the cookhouse, we invite them for lunch into our dining area, we leave an impression on our guests with the food. So, if you’re planning to remodel something so focal like a kitchen, there should be something special about it, what say?

What better than stone worktops to incorporate into your kitchen space. Their exquisite beauty is sufficient to keep the onlookers mesmerised. Thanks to technology, something as raw and natural as granites and marbles can be a part of our daily life.

Why do you think people spend years thinking about a kitchen makeover? What stops them from being prompt about it?

Apart from their personal issues, common points that makes this decision time consuming are

  • Not having a clear idea about the needs
  • Trouble in finding trustworthy stone suppliers with good quality stones
  • Trouble in finding a well experienced stone mason
  • The hefty price tag that comes along

A kitchen makeover is a once in a decade kinda project. Once built, it stays with us for as long as we can think of(unless the person is super rich and doesn’t care about his bills, duh). No homeowner in their right mind would want to randomly assign the task to just anybody without a thorough plan. So, this points out the need for good guidance. Besides googling available worktops online there are other important points to give attention too, like deciding on a kitchen layout. There are innumerable possibilities of kitchen floor plans, but the basic layouts are Single Galley Kitchen, Two-row Galley Kitchen, L-Shaped Kitchen, U-Shaped Kitchen, G-Shaped Kitchen. 

There are fundamental factors that should be considered while designing a kitchen layout. Because everyone cooks and uses kitchens differently, the first aspect to consider is the available space and intended use of that space. After that, installation of necessary appliances such as a dishwasher, refrigerator, and kitchen sink unit occurs. Specific spaces should be designated amongst these appliances to denote prepping, cooking, and baking, as well as to organise tools among these zones. Other crucial considerations are the presence of a work surface, adequate storage, and adequate lighting. 

Once you have got an idea about what your upgraded kitchen looks like, you will proceed towards the main component of your makeover; the stones. Homeowners have to often run north and south to look for stones, find the best quality, fix it at an affordable price and then again rummage the contacts looking for an experienced stone fabricator. This sounds so exhausting. Wouldn't it be easy if you found one place to arrange all of these?

Well….not to brag but that's exactly what we at Work-Tops do. We not only help you procure your stones, but also do your kitchen fabrication with our experienced stonemasons from around the UK and Europe. They will complete everything from your template to kitchen worktop installation.

Coming back, some might be looking for engineered ones like white sparkle quartz or others might prefer to go natural with stones like ivory fantasy granite. Any stone is a good choice given you are willing to put in efforts for its regular maintenance.Various materials are offered in cheaper ranges in the market than their actual worth. Those short-term benefits often cause huge losses to homeowners as they are poorer in quality and do more loss than save you money in the long term. But with Work-tops the assurance is guaranteed. Our materials are quality guaranteed and we try to provide them at the best price possible for our customers. Whether you want something as cheap and affordable as a  sapphire brown granite  or something sophisticated like a tropical brown granite, we have the best quality for every material to make the kitchen worktop of your desire. Our work-top cost calculator might be equally helpful for homeowners to have a rough idea of their budget required before planning the purchase.

Currently, with our labour day special offer, the entire renovation experience is gonna be even more exciting as Work-tops is running a 50% Off sale on a wide range of stones, when purchased along with our fabrication and installation services. We encourage homeowners to take advantage of this opportunity and get themselves a high end renovated kitchen.  Kitchen renovation is definitely an achievable dream for everybody with