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Did You Renovat your Bathroom ideas?

Kevin Moses

Our bathroom idea play such an important role in our life that we forget how helpful they are. Taking a shower, shampooing our hair, a soothing hot water bath, and obviously emptying our bowels; we literally start our day in the bathroom. Not to forget, a good bathroom hour is where great ideas hit us. All of these might just look like any other regular routine but one must know that these same ordinary habits genuinely impact how our mood remains throughout the day. A good beginning might not guarantee a great ending, but somebody said, "A good start is half the work done". So, yeah, it's time we give back the love our bathrooms have given us all this while, in the form of a good renovation to our bathroom worktops and other necessary updates. Remember that when you invest in your worktops for bathrooms, you are also investing in the value of your home. So, it's a win-win.

Many give bathrooms worktop ideas but things to consider before investing in one is a mandatory part of the purchase process too, you can’t disagree.

A bathroom worktop is an excellent way to add extra surface area for our toiletries and to provide a useful alternative to storage when space is limited. While workmanship and detailing are important from an aesthetic aspect for a bathroom makeover, there is another factor that plays an equally important role (maybe even more) in decision making: It is the material you choose for your bathroom area. Please make sure to select the appropriate materials for your vanity, cabinets, tiling, flooring, and fittings. Bathrooms materials and finishes should be long-lasting, functional, and most importantly, moisture-resistant. Ensure that your chosen material is highly non-porous or made to be so with the application of trusted and verified sealants. A porous surface and an improperly sealed material will trap the moisture and allow mould formation, thus causing stains and harbouring germs, making your area extremely unhygienic to be in and look at, as well. Collecting bathroom cladding reviews and feedback from your neighbours or friends before purchasing will also be helpful if you have too many options to choose from.

 Some On-Trend Bathroom Worktops

 Stone Bathrooms

Natural Stone Bathrooms have managed to be on trend since time immemorial for construction projects, including bathrooms. Their visually appealing beauty is one of the major reasons for their popularity. Between the most popular stone materials that are on trend for bathroom worktop, like Granite and marble, marble is a porous surface. Thanks to technology and high-quality silicone sealants, a luxury marble bathroom-dreams of many has been less challenging to achieve. Another frequently chosen stone for bathroom purposes is quartzite. Generally recommended thickness is 2m bathroom worktop but some also like to go with 3m bathroom worktop.

 Aforementioned natural stones in brief:

 Marble bathrooms

Marble never goes out of style – it is an excellent choice for anyone looking to create a stunning, timeless bathroom. White or neutral-toned marble is ideal for smaller spaces because it makes them appear spacious and brighter.

One can try book-matching the marble slabs for an aesthetically pleasing and impressive design.  Book matching is nothing but arranging the marble or any stone slab in such a way that the pattern of the stone on the left is mirrored with the right. This process is very labour some but some (super rich) customers do not mind paying for the magnificent outcome it brings( I would definitely go for it too).

Some white marbles that look good together when book matched are,  Calacatta series of marble and Arabescato.

 Quartzite Bathrooms

If you are looking for a marble look within an affordable budget and less upkeep, quartzite is your answer. You'll spend drastically less and maintenance will also be less challenging as compared to marble countertops. You can simply follow a regular cleaning with warm water and dish soap. The quartzite bathroom countertops as well as cabinets under the bathroom sink, do need to be sealed, however. 

 Granite Bathrooms

Because of their beauty, durability, and water-repellent qualities, granite is ideal for use in bathroom countertops. Granite can be expected to last for years, if not decades, with correct management. Granite, in particular, is exceptionally resistant to damage by moisture and will not deteriorate or peel off. Bathroom flooring, tiling, shower floors, shower tiling, and worktops, this natural stone is suitable for any of these.

Verde Bamboo, a deep green veined Granite can be used to achieve green, one of the current trending colours in bathroom design. You may create a natural aesthetic for your kitchen or any place, with its abstractions of white, green, and black.

 Laminate Bathrooms 

Laminate is a popular choice for bathroom renovations among many homeowners. Laminate countertops are made of plastics that are glued together under pressure to withstand moisture and require little upkeep. Bathroom laminate worktops and flooring are surprisingly durable and sturdy, even if they don't look as natural as granite and marble worktops. Indeed, we genuinely think laminate is on the verge of making a significant comeback in every homeowner's property, including the bathroom. 

While the final cost will vary depending on the brand, style, and amount of material used, laminate bathroom countertops are still extremely cost-effective than alternatives.  Installing your countertops with a professional will cost you extra money, but if you want to cut down on your expenses, use your DIY skills to install your bathroom worktop. Numerous new additions and improved options keep getting added on a regular basis - thanks to new colours and patterns. Even something as funky as an orange bathroom is possible with laminate material.

 Terrazzo Bathrooms

Terrazzo is made up of glass and marble fragments embedded in coloured, ground concrete that has been polished. It combines a variety of components to create a gleaming, lavish floor.

Along with their durability, terrazzo tiles are resistant to heat and water and are easy to cut. This makes them malleable and convenient to use not just for flooring, but for a wide spectrum of uses. These versatile surfaces are getting widely accepted by homeowners. 

 Composite Bathrooms

If you're looking for a less expensive bathroom renovation option, composites are a good choice.  To compare, composite sinks come at about 1/10th the price of Natural stones like Granite sinks, Unlike natural stones, they do not necessitate professional installation, which decreases the expenditure. One can self install these lightweight composite bathroom countertops and composite sinks.

 Just to let you know, bathroom worktops and bathroom vanity tops are much smaller as compared to kitchen worktops, so, a bathroom worktop can be built using offcuts too. This will not only make your renovation effectively cheap but also help minimise the waste production by utilisation of left outs in the right place. You can check out our readily available Remnants and see if they can be of any help to you.