The right questions to ask as a responsible homeowner

Anibal Fuentes

For any plan to be executed successfully, communication is the key. So, it is very natural to be inquisitive when you're the one investing a hefty amount. In fact, it is crucial to ask questions before assigning someone a responsibility like home decoration. But for that to happen, you must know the right questions to ask. And here we are to do exactly that for you; articulate the right set of questions to make your kitchen plan a megahit. 

First of all, crosscheck the previous works of the fabricator you are planning to give the responsibility of your kitchen stone project. Make sure you`re in the right hands. Ask them about their years of experience in the firm. Tell them to provide proof of their insurance policies. If still doubtful, contact the insurance company to make sure you`re not being scammed. If they come out as trustworthy,  you can visit the fabricator in-person to know about the machinery they use and their portfolio. After all this, you can analyse whether they are a good fit for you or not.

 If you decide to work with them, ask whether their service comes with a warranty. If yes, demand written warranties rather than relying upon verbal exchange of confirmations. 

Ask about their customer satisfaction policies, if any.

Discuss the estimates of the entire plan. Ask them for their quote on specific stones with delivery, template, and fitting costs. The price range of stones available in the market at a particular time can be influenced by numerous reasons. It is advised to know the information to calculate your budget before beginning your purchases or creating your plan.

Ask the fabricator if they know the stones they work on, enough to educate you. It is important for you to have some knowledge on why you should opt for a particular stone choice and how exactly that is gonna be a benefit as opposed to others. Ask why that specific choice is suitable for your environment, which stones to look for while considering a countertop fabrication, shelving, cabinets, flooring, etc. These questions are necessary to make sure that transparency is maintained.  

Ask for samples if you`re planning to renovate according to your existing kitchen.

Ask if their slabs are resin-treated and or properly sealed to ensure longevity.

Ask if they provide just basic service or do they specialize in edging and finishes. Ask what kind of finishings they exclusively do; whether polished finishes that give shiny and sparkly kitchen worktops or honed look that make the stones appear matte or leathered finishes or if they have expertise in all categories. 

Ask them when they are beginning the service. Fix dates. Ask how long the entire process will take. 

Ask if they provide you with a detailed post installment maintenance guide.

With an exchange of these conversations, you`re all set to hand them the responsibility!