Colonial White Granite

Colonial White Granite

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Material Name: Colonial White Granite

Core material: Granite

Nature: Natural Stone

Colour: White

Pattern: Occasional reddish black garnet dots on a silvery white cotton wool background


Colonial White Granite is predominantly extracted from the Northern region of India. Much like other Indian metamorphic rocks of this similar category, this white granulite also has frequently scattered bands of black and reddish garnet spots distributed all over the cottony white wool background. But the pattern exhibited is not in a linear fashion, rather it appears to be chaotic with the non-uniform distribution of irregular sized specks and spots.

Colonial granite has gained its momentum in the Kitchen worktops UK trend after the huge popularity of Kashmir Granite (also referred to as Cashmere White) amongst homeowners. 

The muted grey and moderately creamy tones present in it which appears to be quite similar to but less linear than Kashmir granite and far less so than River white granite is one of the reasons Colonial white has been grabbing attention of customers especially those who prefer authentic subtly hued natural stone worktops.

Colonial white granite



Granite formation takes place under extreme temperature and pressure in the core of earth when molten lava slowly cools and crystallises while moving towards the surface of earth. The mixture of minerals in the stone under those harsh conditions make them magnificent in appearance, exhibiting swirls and speckles on their surface. No second granite slab can be a clone of the other, that's how varied their patterns look, making them very unique in designs. 


Granites can resist chips and scratches to a large extent.This definitely doesn’t mean that you practise direct chopping of vegetables and fruits or using your knives and forks directly on your granite kitchen worktops. Using chopping boards, knife covers will take your worktop a long way.

Heat resistant:

Granite can largely withstand heat, which is a beneficial point for their usage in a place like a kitchen which sees regular dealings with ovens, hot pans, etc. Even though granites do not crack or weaken when in contact with hot objects, it is recommended that trivets and stands be used before placing them directly from the stove. This will lengthen the life of granite worktops and keep them looking newer for longer periods.

Brightens spaces:

Colonial White granite is beautiful, with creams & whites and burgundy spots. white looks gorgeous on  units along with white. There is an uprising demand for light and bright white kitchens for which this material is one of the perfect choices from the wide range of natural stone worktops. Its white colour when paired with white cabinets and floors makes the kitchen look very spacious and also gives it a hygienic look. 

Low maintenance and Easy repair 

Granite worktops can be easily cleaned using a soft cloth in hot soapy water. If you require a cleaning product, it is recommended to use a Ph neutral product like Hanafin Rejuvenata.

Harsh and acidic abrasives are to be strictly avoided.

Colonial white granite


Although relatively lesser as compared to other common worktop materials, granites are still fairly porous in nature which means there are high chances of water and several spill absorption, making them susceptible to etching and wear and tear when in contact with acidic substances and corrosives. This Colonial white granite being so much lighter in colour makes this even more worse as even the smallest of stains on the surface can be easily visible. Not just this, the porous nature encourages the penetration of those marks making them impossible to remove.


Sealing and cleaning: Biannual or annual sealing of granite worktops will prevent all the disadvantages likely to arise from their  porous nature. Proper sealing will block the minute pores so that they cannot anymore absorb food and liquid spills from wine, coffee, tea, juices, grease, pigments, etc. Instead of being sucked up, those items will form beads on top of the sealed granite which can be wiped away with a soft cloth in soapy liquid and warm water followed by dry wiping.This will also prevent bacteria from harbouring inside making your white kitchen worktop more hygienic.

colonial white granite, Countertop


The durability of this material makes it suitable for use as interiors as well as exteriors. For interiors it can be used for kitchen worktops, kitchen islands, peninsulas, breakfast bar, upstands, backsplashes, window sills, stairs, decorative items, souvenirs, etc. Well processed ones can even make gorgeous bathroom worktops, kitchen sink units, vanity tops, shower walls, artistic basins, etc. 

For exteriors, they can be useful for pool coppings, fountains, exterior design walls, and various other designing projects. 

This granite has the potential to fill the room with elegance. 

Estimate Your Budget

Our granite worktop price calculator shall be helpful for you to calculate your rough budget for kitchen remodelling. Please remember that the worktop cost calculator gives just an approximate idea. Your actual cost might vary depending upon various factors like personalised specifications..

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