Grow With Us

Grow With Us has a passion to serve the stone industry and grow together by providing viable procurement and business solutions to the fabricators who have registered with us. Grow with us is our partner program and an opportunity for every fabricator to collaborate for free and benefit from our advanced technological solutions. 

What do we offer to our fabricators? 

Live Connect

At work-tops we present fabricators an easy way to display their kitchen designs to homeowners online and directly generate leads from customers who are interested in their work using our platform. 

How does it work? 

Step 1: Fabricators upload images of their work with an approximate quote value. It will be displayed in our kitchen design section. 

Step 2: Homeowners who are interested in the design have an option to chat directly with the fabricator on the design page. 

Step 3: Fabricator receives an email regarding the enquiry and can respond directly to the customer to close the deal.

Deal Direct

We generate and forward kitchen fabrication leads to fabricators who have registered with us, our AI technology helps us to redirect only the relevant leads to your sales inbox and you can deal directly with our enquiries upon their acceptance. 

To simplify the difficulties of our fabricators in finding quality online leads and to save their time. We are supporting the end customer to find their desired stone and send their requirements to our fabricators. 

Please note: Only registered trade members can view our prices and buy directly from us.

Grow with us, Receive more kitchen fabrication enquiries

How it works?

Step 1: We receive fabrication enquiries from homeowners, landlords, contractors, kitchen designers, etc,.

Step 2: We support the homeowners by giving them the stone details and help them pick their desired stone. 

Step 3: Acquiring and verifying essential details from the end consumers, which will be needed by our fabricators to create a quote. 

Step 4: Forwarding the enquiry details to fabricators sales inbox along with all the customer information based on their service location. 

Step 5: Our fabricator deals directly with the customer and closes the deal. 

Referral Program

Fabricators can find hardships in satisfying the end customers by displaying a wide range of stone collections and supporting them until they choose a stone for the fabrication. To demystify the process we have come up with a solution which is not offered by any other stone supplier in the UK and EU. 

All our registered fabricators can get a referral link from which provides click and trace information to their customer to help them pick up any stone and get a quote directly only from the referred partner.

How it works?

Step 1: All our registered fabricators receive a unique referral URL which acquires all click and trace information. 

Step 2: Fabricator gives the link to their customer to help them choose stones from our website. 

Step 3: Our AI technology automatically records all conversations & support we provide to your customers, who came into our website from the referral link and sends all the details back to you. 

Step 4: The homeowner finds and chooses his desired stone from our unbeatable range of collection from various suppliers all over the UK and the fabricator will also receive additional offers on that stone price if the customer has used your referral link. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

What information do we acquire from homeowners before forwarding the lead to fabricators?

We acquire details on the product the customer chooses for fabrication, floor plan details and contact information and redirect them to fabricator based on the service location. 

Do we provide stone price information to the homeowners? 

No, We only provide the product information to help them choose a stone and we redirect the enquiry to our registered fabricator who can provide them with a complete quote of prices including supply, fabrication and installation.

How to register as a fabricator with 

Sign up as a buyer using this link, Register with authentic information of your business and you will be automatically enrolled to use all our benefits from the grow with us program. 

Where can I update my service location? 

Please fill out the form with information on the ideal contact person and your service location to receive relevant enquiries to your sales inbox.

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