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30mm quartz worktops are sturdy, low maintenance, durable and offered in the latest trendy colours. Quartz worktops, unlike most believe, are not just for kitchen worktop installations. It fits almost every room in a residential as well as commercial property and we will see in the upcoming sections, where actually. Learn more

Is A 30mm Quartz Worktop Better Than 20mm?

The choice between a 20mm and a 30mm quartz worktop depends on several factors; where it is being installed, what design style is being preferred, and various others. We will help you make a decision with our elaborate explanation below:

Quartz Kitchen Island

If you plan on having a kitchen island with extended overhang for use as a breakfast bar, a 30mm quartz countertop is better compared to a 20mm one. This is because a 30mm kitchen worktop has substantially more structural stability so it can withstand an overhang of 300mm without additional support.

Select your 30mm quartz worktops & breakfast bar.

Traditional Or Modern Kitchen?

Thicker kitchen worktops, such as 30mm, tend to have a more vintage and classic appearance. They add a sense of elegance and grandeur to your space. Thinner worktops, like 20mm, might provide a sleek and contemporary look. Consider the overall style of your kitchen or bathroom and choose the thickness that complements your style.

Heavy Worktop Activities?

Generally, thicker worktops are more robust and less likely to chip or crack under heavy use. If you anticipate heavy cooking, baking, or other kitchen activities, a 30mm kitchen worktop might be more suitable for your needs. Thicker countertops can also withstand more weight, making them suitable for overhangs or supporting heavy appliances.

Quartz Bathroom Vanity?

Unlike kitchens, a bathroom countertop or bathroom vanity does not have to deal with pressure of heavy materials. Thus 20mm quartz countertops are also a good choice for bathrooms. If you want a chunky look, a 30mm Quartz Kitchen worktop is suitable.

Under Budget Worktops?

Thicker worktops tend to be more expensive than thinner ones due to the increased material cost and manufacturing complexity. So, if budget is your concern, 20mm will be slightly less than 30mm quartz.

20mm & 30mm Quartz Price Difference

The price difference between quartz worktops 30mm and 20mm can vary based on several factors, including the brand, quality of quartz, your location, and any additional features or services you choose. In general, 30mm quartz worktops are often more expensive than their 20mm counterparts due to the increased material and manufacturing costs associated with the greater thickness. As a rough estimate, the price difference between 20mm and 30mm quartz worktop installation jobs can range from 10% to 30% or more.

Advantage Of 30mm Worktops

Handles Pressure Better

    A 30mm Quartz Kitchen Worktop can bear the pressure of your kitchen appliances gracefully as it is capable of supporting higher stress better than 20mm kitchen worktops.

    Supports Breakfast Bar Overhang

      A 30mm worktop can support a 300mm unsupported overhang making it an ideal choice for customers wishing to modify their kitchen islands as a breakfast bar with extra seating. This being said a 30mm worktop is far more practically stable than a 20mm worktop.

      Supports Kitchen Hobs And Sinks

        As explained above, 30mm kitchen worktops can bear pressures better, so they can provide better support for your sinks and hobs in comparison to a 20mm worktop. This is due to 30mm quartz worktops being more robust and stronger.

        30mm Quartz Slabs For Retail & Residential Use:

        Our 30mm quartz is suitable for wide range of installations, a few are listed below:

        1. Kitchen worktops

        2. Kitchen islands

        3. Bathroom vanity tops

        4. Study tables made of quartz

        5. Quartz Pizza table

        6. Quartz coffee tables

        7. Quartz healthcare worktops

        8. Quartz reception desks

        9. Quartz cafe worktops

        10. Quartz bar tops

        11. Quartz office desks

        Frequently Asked Questions:

        • What Is The Benefit Of Choosing A 30mm Quartz Countertop?

        A 30mm quartz countertop offers enhanced durability and a luxurious appearance, making it ideal for kitchens with sinks, hobs and islands with overhangs for breakfast bars.

        • 20mm Vs 30mm Quartz Difference?

        Thicker countertops, like 30mm quartz, allow for a wider range of intricate edge profiles, adding a unique touch to your kitchen or bathroom. 20mm suits bathroom vanity and less frequently used surfaces. In terms of price, as 30mm has comparatively more material in it, it will be about 30% or more costlier.

        • How Do I Maintain And Clean A 30mm Quartz Countertop?

        Cleaning a 30mm quartz worktops is easy—use a mild soap and water solution. Avoid harsh chemicals. Regular care maintains the beauty and longevity of your countertop.