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Black; In the world of interior design, black is the new white. There are various colour combinations that work well with a dark surface, depending on the look you want to achieve - from classic monochrome to rich jewel tones. For a more in-depth look at colour psychology and the effects your chosen palette will have on a space's ambience. Learn more

Black Granite Kitchen Worktop

Black Granite Worktops continue to be popular among homeowners seeking a modern and contemporary kitchen design. Our black granite worktop collection is available in a variety of different shades and styles, not just 'pure' black. Solid granite worktops are one-of-a-kind; each worktop will have different grains and patterns, ensuring that no two granite worktops are alike. We sell a wide range of black granite worktops, none of which are identical.When looking for a great surface in your kitchen, black granite kitchen worktops are one of the best options. Granite is an intensely coloured surface with a strong appearance that fits in perfectly with any kitchen design. Black granite kitchen worktops are an excellent choice due to their elegant and clean patterns. When used properly, black granite worktops can give any space a more upscale appearance. When chosen and prepared correctly, this can create an intense look.

Black granite worktops are intense and yet have a strong appearance that allows them to blend in with a variety of kitchen designs. Granite is a type of rock formed by volcanic eruptions and formed from magma. Many granite deposits may be thousands of years old, having formed in areas where volcanoes once existed. Our entire kitchen worktops collection is comprehensive and high-quality. Check out our other beautiful granite worktop colours in addition to our black granite worktops.

Classic Black Granite Worktop

Black granite worktops are a great addition to any modern kitchen because they are both sleek and modern. Because of their versatility in adding the perfect finish to both kitchens and bathrooms, they have become increasingly popular in homes across the UK.

We can offer beautiful patterns such as plain, flecked black, and a unique selection of secondary colours because granite is formed from molten rock that has slowly cooled over thousands of years. So, whether you're looking for midnight, ink, obsidian, or jet black, we've got a black granite stone to match.

Granite is, without a doubt, one of the most popular kitchen worktop materials in the UK, and many people envision their dream kitchen with black granite. Black granite worktops are also ideal because they conceal any nicks or stains that are unavoidable in a busy kitchen.

Whether your kitchen is traditional or modern, a black granite worktop will certainly draw attention.

Black Marble Kitchen Worktop

When you combine black and marble in a black marble worktop, you get an undoubtedly glamorous look. However, the worktop is just the beginning. Next, consider the colours that will look best with a black marble worktop. For an elegant, stylish, and fail-safe look, black is our go-to colour for any styling. A kitchen worktop is a prominent feature that draws the eye to it, so with your black marble worktop already in place, your finished look will be polished.

Consider your black marble worktop to be a foundation for your kitchen decor. Colour can be used to create a look that is completely unique to you.Begin by thinking about the overall effect you want to achieve in your kitchen. The colour black is instantly calming. Do you want to extend that sense of calm, or do you want to add some energy and perhaps a sense of fun to your kitchen?

Let's look at how to use colour with a black marble kitchen worktop and which options will give you the desired overall effect. 

Black Quartz Kitchen Worktop

Black quartz worktop, like a favourite black dress or sharply-cut suit, are always sleek and sophisticated. A black quartz worktop is difficult to beat for a kitchen with timeless style. One of the reasons quartz looks so good is because of its ultra-smooth surface. It is primarily composed of mineral fragments mixed with a small amount of colour pigment and resin. Massive pressures and extreme heat are applied to the mixture. The slabs that result from the process are almost as smooth as glass. The effect is striking in glossy black. 

Style Your Black Kitchen Worktop

Black is far more adaptable than most people realise; it all depends on how you use it. It can be a more conservative, sophisticated alternative to brighter, more vibrant colours and can give your kitchen a more conservative, sophisticated air. One of the most significant advantages of black kitchen worktops is that, with a keen eye, they can complement almost any style or colour scheme. Using black kitchen worktops to accent an otherwise clean and modern kitchen can give it an especially impressive, commanding presence. This ultra-modern, dramatic style works particularly well in monochrome kitchens. Meanwhile, if you have more colour in your kitchen, such as kitchen cabinets or furniture