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Bookmatched Stone Designs - Marble, Porcelain, Quartz, etc

Bookmatched stone designs are rising on demand. We can see them both in the residential as well as commercial settings. Bookmatching is the art of arranging stone slabs in such a way that the left from a common point forms the mirror image on the right side. In order to mimic the design, fluidity, and veining present in the slab, two or more slabs of natural or artificial stone are mirrored. The veining and motion keep on going as the slabs are stacked edge to edge, resulting in a consistent rhythm or sequence. True to its name, this art design makes any space look like an open book, thus also referred to as “Open Book Stone Design”. Learn More

Bookmatching is Simply Mirroring the Stone Pattern 

The fundamental idea behind bookmatching is to use successive slabs of natural or artificial stone to produce a mirror appearance. In order to create the appearance of an open book, as the name implies, repeated fragments of stone are arranged adjacent to each other. For the stones to be combined to provide the same appearance on both sides, they must have striking patterns, such as dark veins or interesting patterns. A bilaterally symmetrical pattern can thus be observed upon looking at a bookmatched stone structure.

Popular Stones for Bookmatching

As mentioned earlier, only those stones with noticeable patterns and bold veins, particularly those that depict fluidity or movement are suitable for bookmatching. Initially it was marble that did pave the way for this art form. Besides marble, some granite, quartzite, travertine varieties are other natural stones that provide opportunities for this art form. However, currently, manufacturers of engineered stone have come up with many alternatives like quartz and porcelain that mimic the natural stone’s design almost perfectly.

Bookmatched Marble

Natural stone such as marble is particularly efficient at producing a successful and stunning bookmatched stone design. This is due to the fact that the majority of marble variants have highly noticeable veining and a continuous linear pattern. Additionally, marble typically has colours that are on the more muted side of the colour spectrum, so mirroring the pattern won't make it look too busy.

Bookmatched Porcelain

Most of the porcelain slabs that are chosen for open book design are the ones that have been manufactured to mimic the world’s most magnificent bookmatched stone slabs like Calacatta Marble, Carrara Marble and Arabescato Marble.

Bookmatched Quartz

The majority of quartz slabs used for bookmatching have also been produced to look like the most beautiful marbles in the world, including Calacatta, Carrara, Statuario and Arabescato Marble.

Bookmatched Quartzite

Similar to other bookmatched stone slabs, quartzites with spectacular veining can also live up to this art form. It is chosen for worktop islands, wall designs, splashbacks etc.

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