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Engineered Stone Worktops for Kitchen, Bathroom & Flooring

Engineered Stone Worktops can be seen in almost every other room you enter today. Some of the most popular engineered stones today in the world of interior designs are quartz, porcelain, dekton, and Silestone. Engineered stones have really topped up their game and are in neck-to-neck competition with natural like granites and marble.

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Popular Engineered Stone Surfaces

Quartz Worktops and Other Surfaces

Quartz worktops are engineered stone products that can be used in virtually any design application. They are subjected to a texture-defining process resulting in a stunning finish with a pleasing appearance. Quartz countertops are naturally beautiful. The stunning appearance of these Engineered Stone Worktops is determined by the size of granules used in the making process. Using finer granules will result in a steady pattern and appearance. Unlike in the past when it was only available in a polished finish, it is now available with a honed, sandblasted, or embossed treatment too. Whether you are looking for a leathered, textured, or glossy slab, we have quartz kitchen countertops to suit all your needs.

Porcelain Worktops and Other Surfaces

Porcelain, unlike natural stones, is a man-made material, created through a process called sintering. Porcelain countertops are comparatively new in the stone business. However, that doesn’t mean that they have no history. They have been used for flooring, wall cladding, and all kinds of other ventures for many, many years. Freshly, they are being considered as a material suitable for kitchen worktops. The characteristic features of porcelain-engineered stone worktop surfaces have grasped the attention of homeowners in recent years. They are constantly rising in demand, and are turning the tide for several choosing them as worktop material.

Dekton Worktops and Other Surfaces

Dekton surfaces are a result of a unique mixture of real quartz crystal, porcelain, and glass. In order to produce a slab surface that is extremely tightly packed and compressed, these raw components are merged and compacted under great pressure. Over 20 minerals have been extracted from nature to create Dekton, a unique layering. Dekton is one of the best materials for kitchen countertops since it is extremely tolerant of heat, spills, and abrasion and comes in a variety of color schemes. Dekton Worktops demonstrate unrestricted creativity in both features and reliability.

Silestone Worktops and Other Surfaces

Silestone is a sturdy, compact, extraordinarily rigid, non-porous homogeneous slab created artificially. These engineered slabs are predominantly quartz as they are manufactured by bonding 94% natural quartz crystals with resins and adhesives. The Silestone worktop is much harder than the knife if we compare it in terms of Moh's hardness. The resin used in it is baked with its patented antibacterial formula, which is derived from silver ions that actively kill bacteria and other microbes. Silestone quartz is the only one with this characteristic thus making them a popular option for customers of residential as well as commercial settings as they make hygienic options for use in places like residential kitchens, the food industry, and healthcare.

Obsidiana Worktops and Other Surfaces

Obsidian slabs offer long-term benefits in respect of initial setup and endurance, according to experts in the field. Receptions, tables, and desks, wall units and shelves, kitchen worktops, restaurant tops, industrial kitchens, office worktops, educational facilities, kitchen sinks, coffee tables, public places, and bathroom surfaces like vanity tops, basins, splashbacks, shower trays and tubs, our Obsidian surfaces are extremely versatile and offers you lot of opportunities to boast with its style.

Engineered Worktop Maintenance

Engineered stone worktops do not require high maintenance, however, basic care and maintenance are necessary for them to look striking.

  • Use a soft damp cloth soaked in warm water and soap solution for gentle wiping of the surface.

  • Scrape off the dried remains of food preparation with blunt-edged instruments. Make sure you are very gentle in scraping the surface.

  • Use a degreasing agent which is safe and bleach-free for surfaces to remove the tough greasy membrane from the worktop surface. Follow this step by rinsing the surface with warm water and drying the surface clean.

  • Cleaning the surface immediately can go a long way in making the countertop last longer. Though engineered stone worktops do resist stains for a brief period, permanent stains can occur when coffee, tea, or wine is spilled. In case of spillage, the surface must be quickly cleaned.

  • Engineered countertops have excellent longevity, given they are protected from extremely hot temperatures using mats or trivets to place crock pots, hot pans, and electric skillets.

  • Avoid placing an object that is extremely hot, directly on your Engineered stone worktops because there will be a higher chance of damage to the countertop.

  • Engineered surfaces are although stain-resistant but not scratch-proof. Do not chop food directly on your workstation. Doing so will not only make your knives blunt over time but also pose a high risk of damaging your worktop surface. To avoid this, use a chopping board.

  • Keep harsh cleaning detergents and chemicals away from your worktop surfaces as they run the risk of degrading the surface. Even if they spill by accident, use a warm cloth with a mild washing liquid to wipe down the counter and dry them clean.

Silestone, Quartz, Porcelain, and Dekton Worktops Installation UK

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