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White marble worktops are the best choice for those who want to design substantial kitchens. The white marble is a great choice of colour because it is suitable for all petite kitchens, making the rooms bigger. White is a calm colour that blends with all other colours in your kitchen. With other bright kitchenware, white will perfectly match your laminate or stone worktops. Learn More

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Usually, bright surfaces show stains or litter; however, daily maintenance should be needed in your white marble worktops to look taint-free. Any stains or acidic liquids may damage your worktops. Keep in mind that regular maintenance is mandatory.

Is White Marble Good For Kitchen Countertops?

  • White marble worktops are undoubtedly good for kitchens. Let's list the reasons here.

  • They are bright and aesthetically perfect, and their calm shade has the power to create an extensive illusion which will emphasise the look of every tiny kitchen galley.

  • They add a touch of sophistication and luxury to your workspace. A subtle veined white marble countertop also creates a key focal point as an island, backsplash, or window sill.

  • Padding is more for less expensive worktops; to minimise that, pick out Marble countertops for long-lasting kitchens.

Are White Marble Worktops Expensive?

Marble has a beautiful appearance; white sparkle or marble worktops add more beauty to that place and finish the look perfectly. They are likely expensive but worth every pound. With the help of our cost calculator, you can estimate a rough budget of how much it will cost for your projects. Marble offers elegance to the kitchen, the centrepiece, and the topic of conversation. If you want your kitchen to have a perfect style, white marble worktops are the way forward, as they will not go out of style.

Popular White Marble Stones From Work-tops, UK:

Arabescato Vagli

Arabescato marble tends to be pearl white with greenish or tan-yellow veins. Arabescato marble is quarried in the Italian Apuan Mountains, and the vein colour could range from tan-yellow to gold bronze. A Polish finish will enhance the beauty of the marble. It is available in 20mm thick slabs.

Volakas Marble

Volakas is a famous white marble quarry in northern Greece. These Greek marbles are characterised by a white background with dark grey veins crossing diagonally in a pattern that suits designing shelves' edging strips. The polished finish brings the stone's brilliance, and the Polish finish will enhance the grandeur of the marble.

Statuario Marble

Statuario marble contains a bold and grey pattern with gold veining throughout. Statuario marble features heavy, bold veining and delicately thin patterns. It is quarried in Italy. There are two types of statuario: Bianco Marble and Venato Marble. It is mostly used in commercial and residential design work like fireplaces, walls, flooring, etc.

Calacatta Crema

Calacatta crema is soft, with cream and gold veins running through the white background. It is also called Calacatta Crema. We offer an attractive marble in a honed, polished, or brushed finish. Calacatta Crema is available in 20mm thick slabs.

Silver Fantasy

Silver fantasy is a smoky grey marble with delicate veins running through the grey background. It can be linear or diagonal, depending on each block. This marble is quarried from India. It is durable, and the combination of grey, white, and silver makes the marble stylish. It is a good option for interior design. The smoky grey natural stone marble is also called Silver Fantasy.

Carrara Marble

This white Carrara marble is white-grey ground, with shining grains and smoky grey veins running through the stone. The ground colour and veins of the marble will make this material spectacular. The Carrara quartz marble is used for stairs, kitchen worktops, and tombstone art. It gives you the white marble effect.

Most of you will be looking forward to renovating your kitchen, so don't doubt while picking the marble; it gives you an elegant look and makes you think you are using marble on your kitchen worktops. After selecting the stone, you will consider the colour or shade you want. Have you ever thought of white marble worktops? Just because of your fear of stains and maintenance, you can't ignore the elegant look and feel of the kitchen, right?

Bianco Statuario, Calacatta, Bianco Carrara, and others are among those white marble. All these marbles have different veining types, which will also differ in colour.

Calming White For Your Kitchens And Bathrooms

Many people think white marble is not a bright colour and shows prominent stain marks, which is why people prefer black. For us, calming white kitchen and bathroom worktops, Black also requires maintenance and will show up with all sorts of marks. Whoever uses black worktops needs care, as required for white marble worktops.

White Marble Effect Worktops With Square Edge!

If you want to change the kitchen's theme, white is the best colour. White kitchen worktops go with almost every colour out there. So you never have to worry about changing your theme or appliances; your white kitchen worktops will never be replaced if you choose to have square edges. They offer sleek and modern aesthetics due to their clean line, sharp edge, and chic features. Whatever theme you change, dark or light white kitchen worktops with square edges are the best choice.

Smaller Kitchens

In compact kitchens, white marble worktops are the optimal option for kitchens and bathrooms because they impart spaciousness. White hues maximise this effect as they reflect and disperse light throughout your tiny kitchen.

Hygienic And Fresh

Marble worktops give you a polished look; they look very clean, fresh, and hygienic for a white marble worktop, perfect for a kitchen. White marble worktops are clean when compared to grey and black worktops.

White Marble Worktops, Installations And Services

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