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Blogland is an inclusive writing space and earning opportunity created by Work-tops for people who are fond of writing or those that have knowledge about stones and kitchens but do not have means to publish their works. One does not have to be a writer to write blogs in this blogland. Any person in their free time can write and can utilise this platform to be creative. There are two levels of bloggers in this blogland, the blogster and blogmaster, the roles of which will be explained in the upcoming section.

How do you start publishing?

We will send you the link where you will provide your basic name, email id, and phone no. Upon receiving your credentials, we will open a user account for you and provide you with the unique id and password which can be changed by you. After opening the account, you are free to write and publish through your own handle. If customers purchase from us through your URLs, you receive coupons and rewards(how exciting, right!!) Besides that, every blogger can share the blogs in their personal social media pages and tag us. Any customer that makes a purchase from us by mentioning your unique id will receive a £10 discount along with you.

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Benefits of becoming a Work-tops Blogster

You receive £10 for each customer purchasing from us through your blog URL

You can give shoutout to your social media pages

After 10 successful blogs as a blogster, you get updated to Level 2, and become a blogmaster

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Benefits of becoming a Work-tops Blogmaster

You receive £15 for each customer purchasing from us through your blog URL

With each basic reward, you will get an additional £35 for every customer buying above £5000.

We will promote your social media handles(instagram, facebook, tiktoks, etc

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Blog Inspirations and Ideas

1. Your purchasing experience with kitchen companies

2. Uses of stones like marble, granite, limestone, quartz, quartzite, porcelain, slate, travertine, tiles, etc, in different kinds of kitchen and bathroom projects

3. Your kitchen and bathroom remodelling experience

4. Kitchen designing and related topics

5. Kitchen Interiors

6. Suggestions for homeowners looking to purchase in this field

7. Dos and Don’ts guide from your experience

8. Kitchen designs

9. Kitchen worktops

10. Kitchen cabinets

11. Kitchen layouts

12. Breakfast bar tables

13. Kitchen islands

14. Kitchen peninsulas

15. Any other kind of purchases related to Kitchen works

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