Kitchen Ideas 

A gallery of well designed kitchen images can be an inspiration to design your kitchen, without valid information it can make things much easier than finding ideas on google without proper information.
Download some inspiring kitchen ideas and find cost estimates using our price calculator 


Warranty Information 


Warranty is an assurance for your long term investments on a worktop, remember to check who is the manufacturer of the stone when you buy stones from a fabricator or a stone distributor. 

To fetch all the required information on stone warranties, warranty activation details and how to claim the warranty from a stone supplier  download our pdf. 


Worktop Maintenance 

A little care on your stone worktop can extend it’s lifetime for more years. Understand the know how, do’s and don’t of cleaning and maintaining different granite, marble, porcelain, quartzite and quartz worktops. 
Download our expert thoughts on cleaning and maintenance  for different worktops and also get links to advanced cleaning manuals of different stone manufactures. 


Checklist for worktop installation

Are you building a new kitchen or renovating your kitchen to give a new glow? A checklist can make things way easier. 
Download our worktop installation checklist and prepare for your new kitchen.