Internships, placements and Part time Jobs

Work-tops is opening opportunities for students (freshmen, undergrads, graduates) looking for side jobs, internships and placements. We understand the significance of a push before embarking on a professional stage of our lives. Some of us have tremendous skills and expertise but require the correct means to put them into action.

Finding a job and holding onto it in this competitive era can be a real challenge, especially when employers prefer applicants with relevant working experience over those with none. To make it less challenging for hardworking and talented students, Work-tops is offering its platform. We are here to give you that push with experience and make it easier for your future endeavours. 

What is Work-tops?

Work-tops is a stone and worktop directory based in Cambridge that serves customers within the entire UK and Ireland. We supply natural and engineered stones as well as do kitchen fabrication services for homeowners. 

Which background students can apply?

  • Interior design
  • Kitchen design
  • Architecture
  • Business development
  • Sales
  • Construction
  • Civil Engineering

Where should you be based?

Anywhere within the UK and Ireland

Benefits of working with us:

  • Paid Internships (make yourself a fair amount of pocket money).
  • You stand out from the crowd (distinguish yourself from other candidates with the same degree but no experience).
  • You have more chances of getting jobs in this competitive job market.
  • You'll discover roles you might not have considered before.
  • It will be easy for you to transition from study to a working environment.
  • It will practically boost your abilities and expertise.
  • It will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the job/industry.
  • It will provide you with insight into how businesses operate and the challenges they face.
  • It will provide you with real-world work examples to use in your future job interviews.

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