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Cafe Barista Quartz features undertones of light brown, like coffee and chocolate. It is a medium-sized quartz grain and shows intermittent transparent crystal reflections. It appears to be a light brown latte colour, giving your kitchen counters a stunning appearance.

Its characteristics are similar to Tan Brown, but it is much lighter in colour. The base structure transitions from latte to brown, with brown crystals adding extra elegance to create a mocha chocolate brown effect.

It’s versatile with tile and slab forms and is ideal for both commercial and residential projects, including quartz floors, walls, and countertops.

Given the recent popularity of white, chocolate, latte, and cappuccino kitchen cabinet doors, we thought it was critical to offer quartz countertops in this specific colour - not as bronzed brown, red as mahogany or and not as textured as the most Baltic beige.

We are optimistic that Cafe Barista quartz countertops will be appreciated by every customer. While it is not black, it still falls into the category of "dark quartz," with all the shine and elegance associated with black stones, and it is dark enough to contrast nicely with the wooden doors.

Because of the small scale pattern, it won't display dust and smudges as much as some of the black ones and will make a very functional yet eye-catching countertop for your kitchen.

Cafe Barista Quartz is distinguished by its durability, low maintenance, and aesthetic appeal. This is a variety of brown tones, includes brown and chocolate minerals that form a flecked pattern everywhere. Cafe Barista Quartz often hits the right note because browns are similar to blacks but not quite dark, and it is a popular option for those looking for minimal maintenance, high durability stone. It's perfect for stairwells, partitions, bathroom vanities, and kitchen countertops.

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