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A light blue undertone with detailed grey minerals makes waves on the surface. The marble gives a classy natural look and with its light colour it lightens up the ambience. It is said to be a perfect kitchen marble. Blue Shadow marble with its blue and grey combinations makes a lush engagement with whites and certain surfaces look very exotic. If the slabs are carefully chosen this is a clear favourite. If you are thinking of a master bathroom project this is one choice for you. The origin is said to be from Brazil and is also said to be from Iran. It is a hundred percent natural marble which has been used since ancient time for it is highly heat resistant. The marble has got polished, Honed, leathered and satin finish. It is highly recommended for making ceilings with it. The variety is recommended for commercial as well as residential usage - Interiors, low traffic flows, balconies, bathrooms, walls, panels, desks, decorations and artwork. Make wonders with this blue.