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Dark Emperador Marble The delicate cream veins on the Dark Emperador Marble is the depiction of sophistication. It is especially good for countertops, wall and floor applications. It is also suited for interior and exterior designs. Dark Emperador marble is quarried in Spain. The distinctly brown colour with creamy marble veins sprinkled around the brown marble is the epitome of class and sophistication. It is well suited for countertops. Synonymous Names: Emperador Oscuro, Emperador Marron, Emperador Scuro, Ramona Brown, Ramora Brown, Emperador Dark Spain, Imperador Fonce, Marron Imperial, and Castanho Imperador Escuro are the other known names of the Brown Marble Marble tiles are subjected to different types of finished textures. Honed or Matte texture gives the marble a smooth appearance, polished finish marbles produce a lustrous surface that gleams and brings out the colour and veining vividly, leather finishes are appropriate for dark hued marble hiding the fingerprints, scratches. The marble is available in polished finish Product Brief: Origin: Spain Colour: Brown Finishes: Polished Available Size: 20mm Application: Kitchen countertop, bathroom vanity, backsplash, fireplace surround, flooring, outdoor kitchen countertop Formed by recrystallization of sedimentary rock like limestone, this metamorphosed rock is a symbol of purity and immortality. It is believed that its incorporation brings about positive affirmations like clarity, composure and steadiness in one’s life. It gained its popularity from the ancient Romans and Greeks who utilized this fascinating material for handy sculptures to gigantic pillars of monuments. Besides these, in the present day, it is popularly used for kitchen and bathroom flooring, worktops, walls, fire hearths and islands among many more. Its water retaining ability makes it a suitable option for use in the shower and other wet areas.

The above figure displays the price for 1 m2

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Composition of Marble

It primarily consists of calcite, clay minerals, mica, quartz, pyrite, iron oxides, and graphite in its composition. The recrystallization of calcite in limestone forms a rock with interlocking calcite crystals. A related rock called the dolomite marble is formed when the dolostone is exposed to heat and pressure. Recrystallization of the rock changes the texture of the rock. It is a light coloured rock formed from limestone. There are different types of marble depending on the nature of the impurity. Marble with impurities can appear bluish, gray, pink, yellow, or black in colour. A pure calcite marble is white, whereas hematite is red, one withlimoniteis yellow, and serpentine is green.

Natural characteristics of Marble worktop

Kitchen worktops made out of it are heat resistant; they not only look good but are durable too. It is a porous stone; therefore, proper sealing is recommended to avoid the problem of staining or absorption of liquids on black marble or white marble worktops. The stunning stone is masked by this property although sealers are available to prevent any damage. Natural forces like snow, rain, wind, and pollutants may have an effect on the appearance and reliability of the natural stone.  The real marble stone is adored over the engineered stone for the unique pattern and veining for the marble effect are not precisely imitated by man-made slabs.

Maintenance of Marble Worktop

The polish of the surface can be restored and maintained to a substantial degree using polishing powder and buffing pads. Wiping the marble worktops of the natural material with warm water and the pH-neutral solution is a recommended practice to immediately and quickly destain the Kitchen worktops in case of spills of liquids like Red wine, oil, or deeply pigmented food. Avoid chopping on the marble counter and use board especially when dealing with acidic foods like lemon juice which causes etching of the marble slabs.

Installation :

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